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Bat called and "Weasel" is responding!

Date:   12/21/2011 5:12:09 AM ( 10 y ago)

The deck of Medicine Cards includes Weasel. I had a reading on November 3, 1994 by my dearest lady friend (who is the birth mother to my one and only son) and the last card that was drawn for me was card # 33 - Weasel.

When I was in grade school (aka grammar school or elementary school) I was given the nickname of Weasel. What prompted me to post this was that earlier this evening after sunset my friend pointed out to me the call of a bat. I did hear the sound but I did not acknowledge that it was a bat. Then when my friend told me what the sound was I thought that I could look up the bat in the Medicine Cards.

In my deck is the record of a reading I received in '94 and in that reading I find that the Bat is my animal in the North! The reading I had back when simply noted "Rebirth Initiation"! Just two words ... but oh my how potent!!! Then I found that I had Weasel as my "Within" card representing my heart's joy and sacred space!

It's time for me to revisit all of seven directions of that reading and I intend to start with Bat cause that's what started it all this evening on the first day of the Lights known as Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah!


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