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"This is an opportunity to come together, envision and co-create a world that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous for all."

Date:   3/20/2012 4:38:32 AM ( 9 y ago)


Iím writing to invite you to Conception Day 2012 on March 22nd - a free live webcast event where thousands of us will gather worldwide to make a commitment to birth a new era!

The event features Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top leaders sharing their insights about this all-important year and giving you tools that empower you to create a new story for humanity.

Registration is free. Sign up here:

This is an opportunity to come together, envision and co-create a world that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous for all.

I hope you can join me March 22nd! Note: You can sign up even if you can't attend live and The Shift Network, producers of this event, will email you a link to the event recording.

Sign up here:

Update March 25, 2012 -
Just submitted the following inquiry (at their "shift" site) after reading their "ACE" training description at:

The lines that got my attention were: "... The recent mass uprisings of people in the Middle East, along with the conflict and polarization resulting from corporate dominance in many countries, serve as evolutionary drivers toward a synergistic democracy. This is your opportunity to develop and experience the 'memetic code' of the next stage of democracy."


Appreciate the offer of the ACE training. I found out about the training by way of the email that I received today: "Conception Day highlights... and now we begin to grow!"

Although I'm not at all new the central concept of the "shift" (it's essentially something that has been in me for about forty-two years now) I am open to the possibility of experiencing greater collaborative co-creation with others. That is what attracted me to reading about the ACE Training. I read most attentively up to the first mention of "democracy". At that point I had question about what this training means by using that term. That term was not explained in the course description. Nevertheless I continued reading through the rest of the description even though my question was unanswered.

I'd like to know what the term means in the context of the training. I'd also like to know who originated the use of the term for this purpose. ideally I'd very much appreciate having contact with that individual.

Thank you for considering my inquiry!
I look forward to the possibility of hearing from you or from your co-worker. Feel free to forward this to a co-worker.

Without Prejudice,
Chef Jem

I have verification of the receipt of my inquiry that says Ill be getting a reply in a couple days.

Update 3-25 - "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. Ė John Adams (1814)"


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