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My 20 day account of my water fast

Date:   7/30/2012 6:59:48 PM ( 9 y ago)

I have begun a water fast and I plan to continue for 20 days. I am doing this fast because I have lost weight but have been on a plateau where my weight has stayed the same for about a month now. I have been jogging 3.5 miles 5 days a week and eating healthy but still I stay at 265 pounds. So this water fast hopefully will shock my system into letting some of that weight go. Then I hope to have a new relationship with food. To date I have lost 50 pounds and am proud of myself but I want to continue to lose. Today is day 2 of not eating.

So here it is
age: 44 years old, female
Fasting Starting weight: 265 pounds
Current Weight: 264 pounds
loss: 1 pound

I think my weight did not go down as expected because I actually had a coffee yesterday!! I forgot I cannot do that. So today I have had nothing but water. So wish me luck, see ya tomorrow.


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