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30 day water fast for weight loss

Date:   9/23/2012 11:20:25 PM ( 9 y ago)

Tomorrow I will be starting. I have no intention of giving up, I never give up....I am a very motivated person and I will not let my mind and thoughts over power me. Hello guys I will be doing a 30 day water fast and blogging about it here every single day. I will be talking about the detox symptoms I'll be experimenting, How much weight I've lost and my moods and day in general. I am doing to cleanse my body from all the junk I've been feeding it for the last 2 years I am 60 kilos and I will get down to 45 kilos. If you choose to read my blogs for motivation, inspiration be my guest if not it's absolutely fine with me because after all I'm the one who will be benefiting from this. I will be the truth about my day and how I have been feeling and record how much weight I've lost every single day. Keep in touch tomorrow. xxx


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