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Change Your Handwriting and your life by using the Vimala Alphabet. How much more simple can it get? You can start making wonderful changes by viewing these video clips!

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October 9, 2017 -

"If you are like most people, picking up a pen and writing is becoming an increasingly rare event. When I meet new people and tell them of my work, I often hear 'no one writes anymore'.

That makes this work even more powerful! The tips of the fingers are connected through neutral pathways to the brain. Pressing your thumb and first two fingers against a pen activates these pathways. These pathways are bidirectional. Change the way your hand moves across the page (handwriting) and your life changes. For those of you not currently writing, stimulating these pathway could produce more powerful results.

These same three fingers when pressed together form the Joy Mundra according to ancient Vedic tradition. The Joy Mundra is simply a position of holding the fingers that generates a feeling of joy.

In teaching the Vimala Alphabet to English as Second Language students they have reportedly said, 'Writing like this feels like praying'. Handwriting has a calming and meditative practice.

My new response to those who say they don't write anymore is this work will tap into even more power for you. Writing can be meditation; a soothing, focusing practice. But the main reason people coach with me is for the life changes they can achieve from changing their handwriting."[1]

October 4, 2012 -

Jennifer Crebbin's presentations in these video clips have my very highest recommendation for ever individual and especially for our good health and well being in all our relations!:

You can view presentations on the letters B, C, D, M, N and probably more on YouTube!

I am going to listen to all of these again!

Thank You Jennifer. You are so beautiful!

November 12th, 2014 -

What a gift to be on Jennifer's mailing list as she periodically sends her updates with "gems" inbedded like the following:

"The letter Xx brings us to our true home, our inner knowing, our own inner authority, our hearts. ... it helps me go inward, dropping into my heart and my truth. ... The letter Xx is never connected on either side, it stand alone. If our inner authority cannot be connected to something on the outside, it can only be us connecting to ourselves, and this is critical."

I am reminded of the day that I scratched a big X on the side of a wooden dresser with an unspoken "prayer" that I would "drop into my heart and my truth"! There is a book in me about this experience and maybe I will write it before too long. (I have a couple books in me including one on communication with notes that has filled a tote box I keep next top my desk.)

Additional related tidbits:
X marks the spot!
Signing a written document with an X
Your X ________

January 5, 2015 -

"... Take fear/worry out of your life -

In handwriting, retracing certain down strokes indicates fear in the writer. When we remove these strokes, we can overcome fear. Look carefully at your handwriting sample for the letters h, N n and M m. These are letters where fear and worry most commonly shows up in our writing. ... By practicing eliminating the fear and worry strokes everyday for forty days, you
can remove them from your life. Forty days is the period needed for these writing changes to fully integrate into your brain. The relationship between the tips of your fingers and your brain is well proven. Studies at Stanford show brain changes after 40 -42 consecutive days of writing practice."

March 4, 2015 -

More "good strokes" from Jennifer -

"... look at your letter Kk. This is the letter of our relationship to Authority. Do we own our power or give it away? We can be the author of our own lives when we accept responsibility for our life - all of it. When we accept how powerful we are - we created this life - we can create even more joy and peace.

Look at your K and k! Are there any curves in it? What zones does the letter occupy? What is the slant of the upright stroke (also known as the "I am" stroke)?

To bring all of your power home to you, form the K with no angles or curves. It is an "I am" stroke (drawn at a 5-degree slant) and a V shape. For the uppercase K, the letter occupies the middle and upper zone. In lowercase k, the "I am" stroke goes from the upper zone to the baseline and the small v portion occupies only the middle zone."

One of Jennifer's students said "I did ... have some challenges telling 'my truths' to a close friend, so I practiced my "O" and the next time we were together my communications flowed effortlessly. I am remarkably less judgmental AND more accepting of others. I engage with people easily and with minimal effort. ..."

Knowing this benefit adds more appreciation to what I already have for Jennifer's work. I place high value on a practice to increase the ability to tell the truth to others."




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