The Final Day of My "Third (Astrological) House" by #29621 .....

Some of what I have been learning through the astrological houses as well as though the house where I am domiciled.

Date:   1/8/2013 4:43:46 AM ( 8 y ago)

"The Book of Houses" by Robert Cole and Paul Williams is virtually all that I have as a written reference regarding a personal connection to the astrological houses, at this time. However, I do not feel any lack for additional references, even though I know they exist. I have my hands full just keeping up with the suggestions offered in this one book. For instance today is the very last day of my third house and the book offers a few suggestions. One is that I tell my friends some of the things that I've learned about myself recently and tell them what I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Now I wish I had taken an account of the things I have been learning as it would be a good thing to share as much of that as I can now.

One thing that I am aware of is that I have changed over the last few months. Up until my last birthday I had a very long-standing tendency toward a certain kind of passivity when it comes to responding to what I aware of in my immediate environment. This has been especially true when I have been living in places that I do not own or that I have not had some kind of investment in. After four years of living where I presently have my domicile I suddenly found that I had a vested interest in the house that has maintenance and repair needs.

I just as suddenly took on the leadership for the repairs! Doing that has changed my life! In fact just moments ago I had inspected the basement side of the foundation for signs of water leakage (since our most recent rains) and began to clear some of the build-up in the drain pipes that are running through the foundation. I realize that not every home has this kind of design built into their foundation however what is here appears to have been the best that the builders could do for a home built near a canyon that is at a lower level than the street and where we get a little river running in front of the house every time some substantial rain comes!

I have learned that it feels much better to do what I can do than to do nothing in the face of apparent over-whelming needs. I have learned that the physical work itself feels good to my body, including the working-up of a sweat, as long as I can take a warm bath afterword! I have learned that I can feel a deeper connection with the house I live in by caring for it in ways that may be beyond the awareness of the others who live here. I have learned to recognize the significance of working on a house foundation during my second house period which is about "putting down roots".

My fourth house is the time of "pruning and weeding" which can easily bring me into the garden that surrounds this house!

Re: "what I hope to accomplish in the coming year" - I hope to accomplish having access to a concert grand piano with the recording technology that I now know exists here in m area! With that piano I hope to accomplish composing original music that is suitable as a film score for a most unique story about John F. Kennedy. A friend and I have that as or project ad we have been meeting for this purpose twice a week for over the past month. We refer to the event on November 22, 1963 as the "Crisis/Opportunity". This November will be the 50th anniversary of that event! I hope to have something to show for and especially to share with others in time for that anniversary!


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