Pushers and Doctors by Karlin .....

Drug Pushers as in the song "God Damn the Pusher Man" - Deep Purple, 1969 ~ ; Not much different than doctors reducing morphine dosages. Will they make me a slave?

Date:   5/3/2013 4:00:58 PM ( 10 y ago)

Do you remember that old Deep Purple song "God Damn the Pusher Man"?

"The Pusher" would get you interested with small free samples until you are addicted and then they move up to larger and larger doses until, after some years perhaps, they would CUT YOU OFF and make you their slaves.

I wonder what the College of Physicians and Surgeons wants SLAVES for?

Here is the story - in 1992 I got my first taste of morphine from a doctor who prescribed it to me. Over the years that doctor took me from 90mgs per day to 450 mgs per day. Now I cannot live without it, but just this week my Doctor started REDUCING my dosage.

How low will they go, and what will they want from me?

I think they want my body, that is what The Pusher Man typically did with their slaves, they made them into prostitutes and paid them with drugs. I think I would do it, because I know I will DIE without morphine - it has been 20 years and if I miss a dose, or if I go 12 hours without any, I am SQUIRMING.

I got my FIRST ever morphine from a doctor, and I am still completely dependent on doctors for my supply of morphine, and I need small increases every year just to get the same painkilling effect... but the doctors are REDUCING my dosage instead. I think my days are numbered - what was that about "first do no harm"?? Pushers and Doctors eh.


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