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Changing other people's behaviors eats at your life. Be grateful for what you have.

Date:   8/9/2013 6:39:44 PM ( 10 y ago)

An incident this past week reminded me of a life lesson that is VERY TRUE, but that despite it's obvious nature, some people don't seem to get it.

What we have here are some neighbors who are intolerable drunken boors. They make too much noise, they have very little respect for boundaries [or even other people's back yards!!].

And, then we have someone who is more polite than them, basically decent people, but who insist on trying to correct the boorish people's behaviors by saying "you are not allowed to do that", and the classic "stay out of my back yard!!".

So here is the life lesson - if you are going to insist on changing the behaviors of all the jerks and boors in the world, YOU WILL SPEND YOUR ENTIRE LIFE DOING THAT, and it will not be very rewarding because none of them will change.

We just have to try to stay out of their way as much as possible, do our best to tolerate them, and possibly call the bylaw officers or the police when things get too out of hand. Or, move away - but you will likely find some more of them.

Laugh at their stupid antics, and be gratefull you are not one of them, and be gratefull for what you have.

A final word on conflicts - ask yourself what you could do to reduce the tension [instead of demanding that everybody else make changes] - and that way you know you have taken the high road and you will feel good about yourself.


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