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*** What can history and the Bible help you live a better life? ***

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Many times our life will change when we seek to answer a grand or important question like:

- Where will you spend Eternity?

- The purpose of your existence?

- How can you find or follow God's Will in your life?

** Then:
One of the first things we must learn to do is fear God!

If you tell a child that an invisible princess is watching the cookie jar and there's good chance that the child will not sneak out up and eat the cookies.

To 'Fear God' and 'God-fearing people' are very common English terms, but what does it mean?

This is a frequent question:
- If God is love, why should we fear Him?

The meaning of 'God-fearing'.

Once you understand the principle of having a positive God Fearing ...

"God-fearing" God loves and He doesn't want us to be afraid. Therefore when you live right, there's no need to fear anything. Amen!

It's like if you drive a car within the speed limit, there's no fear of getting caught for speeding or a high speed crash. (Yet some people will drive too fast exibiting a foolish manner!)

Here are a few different definitions of 'God-fearing' that people might come up with:

- 'Fear', when talking about God, is synonymous with:
- 'respect',
- 'reverence',
- 'piety',
- 'awe toward a supreme power', etc

Therefore - 'God-fearing' is an archaic term that's been bouncing around for so many years that we're not too sure of the original meaning. Similar to terms like 'God-parents' and 'God speed' or 'God's speed'?

- * Note:
Lots of words have changed their meaning over the years. Passion, for example, now means extreme pleasure, whereas it used to mean extreme pain, as in the time Jesus was executed. And the word 'executed' has become an auto-antonym: To execute a program on your computer is to start it running; to execute a person is to end their life. Has the English language always been so cute?
No it hasn't. 'Cute' originally meant a deformity of the femur and tibia; like 'bow-legged'. THis still goes on today!

- Such as a clue to the meaning of 'God-fearing' is to consider that we never say 'Christ fearing'. And this is because, whilst we regard Christ as the Saviour of mankind, through His sacrifice, we regard God the Father as the almighty, all powerful God. And it is irrational not to fear the wrath of anyone as powerful as that.

There are several Proverbs that instruct us specifically to fear God, but it's not so obvious what God fearing actually means.

However, Exod. 20:20 points out that fearing God keeps us from sinning. Logic tells us that God cannot love evil, because evil is the opposite of love. God loves, but He doesn't love everything. God loves the sinner, but not the sin!
Because we do not accept the Death, Bural and resurection of Christ: so when we refuse to seek His forgiveness by forgiving all others... We stand on our own recoginancec rather than accept the perfect person of CHrist; thus leaving us open to eteranl saparation from God ; die as a sinner, we go to Hell!

BTW: Hell was not made for people but for the placement of the Rebellious angels cast out of Heaven before the world began!

Fortunately there's a simple way out of this.

Because God is love, He's a forgiving God. It's like if you cheat on your partner, you say you're sorry and you really mean it, and you promise never to do it again. Then, if you're lucky, your partner will forgive you.

It's like that with God, when you ask, with sincerity from your heart, He always forgives and then you are safe. Because you are no longer seen as a sinner, but now appear as the Perfect personage of Christ! Therefore sinless!

Now you can still sin, but why would you want to go back into that condition again? If you slip and sin be quick to seek frogiveness through Christ and your slate will can be cleared! But this does not mean that you just pretend to accept Christ atoninment then go about your marry way of self and sin!
Because in continuing a sin filled selfish life you will return to the road to Hell - Eternal Saparation from God; because you will have ignored or opposed The Lord God!
Ending up being alone in the Outer Darkness for Eternity!

All pretty simple:

Paradoxically, if you truly fear God then you have nothing to fear. Rather it has to do with coming to learn how to respect accept Christ and Love God! Then coming to love your neighbor, as you love yourself!


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