November 2013-4 Years and counting GMO's by #133830 .....

4 years and still going.

Date:   11/17/2013 5:02:46 PM ( 8 y ago)

Well, dear friends. I'm still working on things. Seems like always something new to "learn and fix".

Have been studying on "GMO'S" and the HORRIFIC effects.
I watched the movie "Genetic Roulette" from the "Institute for Responsible Technology" at no charge. It noted that even if you switch from GMO Corn, Wheat, Soy--etc, the body is STILL sensitized and will react ANYWAY. Hmmmm. Hope this will get rid of this awful bloating. Requires more changes in our family eating habits. I just didn't know, although so much of the ORGANIC food we get says GMO-FREE. NOW I know!

Much THANKS to Dr Schulz for his continuous encouragement, generous education program, free books, video blog and DVD's. I couldn't have done this without him.

Yes, still fighting sadness and depression but have done much personal (not on-line) blogging (A LOT!) and have figured out a lot of the dynamics of my life. How can I be BLIND for so many years. I thought that he was trying as hard as I was to make our life together happy and trusting. I did not understand. Learning now to accept the physical disability of my dear husband and the results he experiences from emotional damage in his youth. His anger puzzled me for many, many years and I cried--a lot-- (probably why I made myself sick). He doesn't have the tools for 'trust'. Wish I figured that out years ago!

Now learning to live one day at a time and behave. Things can't be changed. It's not the life I expected or wanted, but I'm learning to emotionally distance -without hurting him. (Protect my 'secret person of the heart') Trying to forgive what I did not understand and after 30 years- I see that it's all he is and can be -at this juncture. He is a WORKAHOLIC. I think that's how he avoids dealing with his own stuff. My dear one is 70 and a good man.


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