Day 7-8, Tiredness and resolve by ciaren .....

tiredness and causes of tiredness, more emotional and physical clearance

Date:   1/16/2014 1:28:39 AM ( 9 y ago)

0ne day off from tiredness, and the day after a counselling session, the bone-deep fatigue is as bad as ever in the morning. Today I took a break from the SWF to give my system a rest from it.

I would really like a rest from this cleanse now. Never really felt this previous times. Boredom and frustration, yes, but not this physical difficulty. The cayenne (I take it in small amount of water separate from lemonade, gives me permanent hot discomfort in my chest, and now the lemon juice is giving me a constant after taste in my mouth. Seems like the only things I taste now are mouthwash and lemonade. Yuk. I had a small amount of broth tonight to counteract the taste and also see if it affects the tiredness.

Took a break yesterday from my Castle work, as I'm sure this is a major contributor to the tiredness, and concentrated on progressing clearance on practical levels.

So here, for my own sake, is my 'done' list.

3 boxes, and 1 cupboard emptied.
5 bags shipped to charity shop
5 big items sold or given away on the community share email list. (pending pick up)
Soup made for House.
Corrections and explanation session completed for neighbour's work project
Check in with other neighbour on how going following family death
Fed friend with bad work day and gave him a foot massage.
.I am seriously considering transferring off Master Cleanse to a broth fast if the tiredness keeps upmuch longer. I am taking enough lemonade for nutrition and enough water for hydration. Going to try a yoga session and see how it goes tomorrow. Possibly I'm justnot relaxing/exercising enough and toxins are not clearing my system as fast as they might. If it wipes me out without energising me need to consider if this fast in this form is helping me. It is serving me in terms of reinstating discipline with food and hearing clear guidance. My thinking is getting clearer. These things are good, but I'm not meant to be so tired I am half dead. Generally my diet is good, never smoke, never drink sodas, few glasses of wine over holidays, max. Meat eating in small quantities.... shouldn't be experiencing such prolonged toxicity- if that's what it is.



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