A Generation With Neptune In The Human Design Spleen Centre by Chef JeM .....

The activation of our whole body awareness from a Human Design perspective.

Date:   3/14/2014 3:20:08 AM ( 7 y ago)

According to Human Design - "There’s something very significant about Neptune for anyone born between 1944 and August 1963. During that period, Neptune was in the Spleen Centre. Consider the influence of people born during those years on the way we think about health and well being. Neptune in the Spleen Centre brings a sensitivity to the physical body, a divine connection that is physically felt[1]. ... Consider the move towards purifying diets, colonics and detoxing, superfoods. ...":


I have this activation and so did my siblings (well at least most of us)! Our folks and their generation didn't have it and so there was not the affinity with "the way we think about health and well being". (If I only knew this about thirty five years ago!)

"In 2007, Neptune turned up in the Solar Plexus Centre, refining our emotional response to a higher vibration. On 15th March 2014 it shifts into Gate 37, which is all about family."


April 27, 2015 -

A similar account of "that period" deserves to include Uranus, and Pluto as well! I have Uranus at Root 39 and Pluto at Ajna 4. (If I had nothing better to do at 5:15 AM after being up all night I'd work in this.)

[1] "a divine connection that is physically felt" - something that I had not attributed as part of "that period" before now and therefore I am really grateful to acknowledge this now! It opens up a deep perspective now regarding an underlying activation that I recognize was operating in my life although to a considerable extent at sub and un-conscious levels.


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