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The Truth is Out There - but disappearing fast as internet censorship wipes it out

Date:   5/23/2014 3:10:01 PM ( 8 y ago)

Whereas this Virgo guy does have an attraction to things being neat and tidy and clean, I never thought the Evil Overlords of the Internet would be so blatant about censorship.

Pages that I used to be able to access are just gone... Entire websites with alternative histories and attitudes have disappeared... and even the official Canadian Government weather records have been edited to the point of being meaningless [which is what they want, obviously].

For example, weather records used to go back as far as when records were kept - a very logical starting point!! NOW, however, the weather apparently started in 1981.

Check it out - "Historical Weather Records and Averages" [1981-2013]

I have pages copied that go back to 1961 for every weather station in Canada, and some back to the 1920s and earlier. They went to a lot of trouble to take those down.

I suppose this could be seen as definite evidence that Global Warming is real - because they are trying to hide the evidence.

We have to keep OUR OWN pages of interest and value stored on hard drives that are not online - I encourage you to copy [cntl C, cntl V} information to a flashdrive or similar and keep it offline.

The Truth is Out There - but disappearing fast!!


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