What costs more? - Global warming or reducing emissions? by Karlin .....

Global warming costs $175 billion in storm damage alone - there are other costs too. It is wrong to say our economy will be harmed more than that by reducing CO2 emissions.

Date:   6/5/2014 10:30:15 AM ( 8 y ago)

The argument that the "deniers" and fossil fools keep using for not restricting CO2 emissions from fossil fuels [the main source of CO2 that causes the warming] is that "it will harm our economy".

Well, it is only going to get worse and already it is costing us in a lot of ways... storm damage is only one of those ways.

Here is a statement from NOAA:
In the last 2 years, the United States experienced 25 climate- and weather-related disasters that claimed 1,141 lives and each exceeded $1 billion ($175 billion total) in damages.

$175 billion total in damages. It is right here at the top of the page:

That figure will soon apply to EACH year's storm damage. Then double, then 5 times that much every year.

WHAT economic damage would come to $1 Trillion per year if we switched to renewables? HA!! None, renewables now cost about the same as coal for electricity production.

Germany is one of the healthiest economies on the planet, and they are 60% renewables now.

Don't let the oil company funded liars fool you - clean renewables are fully capable of providing AT LEAST all of our electricity.

Then, vehicles that run on alternative fuels is next.

Then, we are done with the curse of fossil fuels.

We could be there NOW except for the lies and corruption of the oil, coal, and gas companies. I promise you, this is absolutely true.

Runaway global warming is beginning to look like a reality as the Arctic Ice minimum reaches zero and the methane frozen at the bottom is released.

OUR WELL BEING DEPENDS ON DEFEATING THE CORRUPTION AND LIES about renewables, about global warming, and economics - ALL of those are funded by oil companies, whereas people like me have nothing to gain personally. I promise you that this is absolutely true.

Please do not believe the lies - the fossil fool heads [CEOs, Govt minions, etc] are "maniacs", addicted to their power and wealth.


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