USA halts Russia's lifeline to Europe - South Stream pipe. by Karlin .....

Russia-Europe pipeline stopped construction after USA senators demand it.

Date:   6/9/2014 1:42:32 AM ( 8 y ago)

 The Americans are getting the E.U. turf ready for their gas exports to Europe:

   Step one was to destabilize Ukraine so Russian gas would be seen as a risky source of energy supply.

   Step two is to kill South Stream pipeline to minimize and eliminate Russian competition to their future LNG deliveries.

  It would be the cheapest natural gas option for Europe, and it will be needed THIS year, so this delay is going to hurt Europe a lot.

Today's Announcement:
     "Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Oresharski has ordered a halt to work on Russia’s South Stream pipeline,   after meeting with U.S.A. Senators John McCain, Chris Murphy and Ron Johnson during their visit to Bulgaria on Sunday [June 8th, 2014].

  The E.U. gave their blessing to the work stoppage because Germany is the big power in the E.U, and Germany is the one E.U nation that does not need the Russian gas.Germany also appears to be ready to partner up with the USA in another attempt at World Domination, which will require WWIII - much like the impetus behind WWII - an operation that Germany and the USA planned.

   So there you have it!! The USA is ramping up it's meddling in other nation's affairs. This more blatant meddling is due to the urgency of trying to save the floundering US Dollar, which is dependent now on not only USA energy exports but keeping the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency - which is being eroded by every increase in Russian and Chinese trade.

   Remember the same thing was happening in Iraq as Saddam threatened to trade his oil in Euros, and then Gaddafi in Lybia was in the process of creating the "African Gold Dollar" - they were both killed for it and their nations plunged into gory deadly civil wars.

   Now the Ukraine is descending into a civil war, or a genocide if the government gets the upper hand, but America only cares about itself no matter how much bloodshed is spilled in the wake of their meddlings.


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