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Pain in gut area is from what?

Date:   6/11/2014 10:11:32 AM ( 9 y ago)

Pain in gut area is from what?

6:16 PM Wednesday, July 11

I just finished spending about an hour writing on my like connection story to go with the materials I want to turn in for the national Heirloom Expo.

I went from a acupuncture appointment at 2:45 to the library.

After working an hour I'm having increased pain in my lower back.

The kidney doctor told me to drink a gallon of water a day.

I wasn't able to do that today. It takes a lot of focus.

The experience appears to indicate and confirm I am having difficulty taking care of myself as well is working at the same time.

I'm resting in the EG MOBILE right now. How interesting this microphone capitalized EG MOBILE.

I wanted to keep working as I did for my PCOM appointment.


Wed July 11

I have been having pain in my left and right got area for about three weeks. I've been having lower back pain that I associated with intense emotional experiences at the house. I related both of these pains to kidney stress and stones.

Yesterday I got the results of an ultra sound from Dr. Bidair. He is a kidney stone removal specialist and did a procedure on me last summer. The ultrasound showed a number of kidney stones in my right kidney.

The biggest stone that he took out last summer was five mm. The biggest one you saw yesterday was 11 mm. He is recommending a kind of shock break up procedure with the laser that is possible because the stones have not started to travel down the ureters.

He is convinced that the pain in my flank around the got area in the lower back has to do with something other than kidneys. This is very disconcerting. I woke up early as usual this morning. I had no idea what to do next.

If the pain on the left side has nothing to do with kidneys and I'm imagining now it is to do with lower bowel.

I'm calling up Dr. Butcher, my primary care doctor to make an appointment.

Then I am going to complete on the paperwork for the national Heirloom Expo.

I'm going to mail that in.

The kidney stone procedure should be done and I will be recovered by then.

I'm going to proceed with diagnostic procedure to identify further just got pain.

The lower back pain that I associated with the kidney stones Doctah Bidair imagines has something to do with my spondylitis.

It's there and I first felt the shocks when the emotional experiences happened.

Something happened and I felt instant shock fear in that area.

The question of how to make this my retirement home long-range will need a period of time.

I'm still not handling stress well.

I want to do whatever it takes to figure out the diet best suited for me.

Dr. Bidair is saying I have a lot of high calcium in my blood.

I also want to check on my vita trace minerals I've been using.

Could this possibly be a source of my high calcium.

There are good people at the house now and this is reassuring. Patricia I guessed for seven weeks is a positive influence.

Enough for now.

Appointment with Dr. Butcher

Appointment with Dr. Butcher is June 24 11 AM

Lupe will call me if there's a cancellation. Dr. Butcher's in the office tomorrow. Tomorrow is June 12.


10:51 am
June 11, 2014


Added The Wedding Date is in Your Hands! Rather than You Are invited to a Wedding.
Which is better?


This is a question I have right now.


Numbers of people on this forum for Ulcerative Colitis report problems with nuts.

Dr. Bernard Jensen said raw nuts could be a problem. He recommended nut butters.

I have been limiting my choice of foods for numbers of months.
I was settled in on eating lamb and brown rice with a garlic spread made locally and fermented sauerkraut..
My bowel was working well.

Then I started to add brazil nuts.

I cut out all dairy, except some raw pasture fed butter from Spring Hill.

I also have been eating cherries in season and more fruit.

I am intuiting that the Brazil nuts, that I have been eating, could be causing the pain in my gut on the left side.

I am very limited in my foods and this is frustrating.

I cannot eat apples…diarrhea.

What other probiotics can I eat?

I did not do well with watermelon the other day. (Candida reaction).

I have also been eating a lot of corn tortillas….rather than bread.
they may be high in calcium.



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