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Critical Juncture

Date:   6/15/2014 8:20:27 AM ( 8 y ago)

To be a space holder for a rarified consciousness wanting to be born.

Through my eyes I am recording a history of peace in earth,
A history of the earth and it's human flowering. Our earth is the Enchanted Garden and you and I it's gardeners.

6:11 am
June 15,

I'm looking at a critical juncture in my life this morning.

I have discomfort in my lower back right now somewhere around where I imagine my kidneys communicate messages that I need to know for my well-being. I woke up with a headache. My stomach feels unsettled this morning as if I could throw something up, or wants to eliminate.

Pain is the greatest of teachers.

Pain speaks so loudly and clearly about something we need to do to shift our life for the better.

I had a visit to a dentist recently. What causes tooth decay? What causes bacteria to go under a crown so that it needs to be replaced? It is things i do and do not do. Tooth decay, is a byproduct of habits and self-care I'm giving myself and where I am paying attention.

Birthday party last night

We seldom get together all of us here where I live. Last night we all got together. There was something uneasy going on inside me. I couldn't really put my finger on it. It needed deeper thought. Maybe part of it is that my life is in a critical juncture now and yesterday morning was a powerful time to dec1are intentions.

Yesterday morning I was in a very positive space and made a commitment in my mind to go to the national Heirloom Expo in spite of health concerns that are in my face. I will have to make some deep commitments to my health now to be able to travel in September.
I forgot about those commitments last night. I forgot about my morning thought to do a kidney cleanse.

The occasion last night was a birthday party. I wanted to participate in this time of community building and celebration. We spoke of getting together to play games, maybe play scrabble. We never got there

It dawned on me during the middle of the night that this was a time to plant dreams.

That thought never dawned on me during the birthday party. I surrendered to what was in front of me. a banana cream pie and a cherry pie too.

I ate sugar and this morning i contain more GMOs Inside.

Yesterday early morning my spirit said take Nadine to city farmers nursery. I wanted her to have contact with farm animals. Something she misses at home.

I was shocked to see powerful changes between now and the last time I visited this incredible dream being fulfilled. Bill Tall planted an incredible seed in 1972. What it has become and is becoming is a powerful space for something beautiful in the world.

I've been preoccupied with many things. Maybe I am not seeing the good that I have done. I'm likely being too hard on myself. The last five months have been about health issues and room vacancy, repairs, and stress. Keeping the house afloat the last five months has been my major preoccupation.

There's tremendous affection and sweetness between Nadine and Ii but I'm concerned what we are building. I'm distracted a lot.


I just put some early-morning changes into the article I have been working on the last number of days.



I want to communicate in the story something simple, an idea that the kind of grassroots movement we need to outgrow GMOs would benefit from a gardening tool in hand.

There's something very missing from my life and lives of so many people now.

What is missing is a simple connection, "grassroots movement" between our soul and nature. it's the absence of this that creates the king of fragmented thinking that has bred and allowed room for GMOs to take up so much space in our lives.

This is where the idea comes that our dreams and our sacred seeds are stuck in pizza boxes. I say take your sacred see the box the pizza box and Plant Your Dream.

My allies in the GMO labeling movement as well as those who are dedicated to creating a tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs are doing important work and yet I want to represent a deeper awareness that may be missing.

What is missing is our essential nature soul connection, Dreams can be grounded literally through gardening. We can take the time to ground them with gardening tools literally.

I don't mean to get metaphoric or esoteric. Something basic is missing, our dedication to grounding the dreams we have for a better world in alignment with nature's original technology.

These dreams are grounded through our choice of activities. Some activities further build the Natural connection in our lives. Other activities and the way we honor ourselves may be beautiful very special gestures, such is bringing a banana cream pie to our table with the thought that this would be pleasurable.

We celebrated a beautiful evening of camaraderie and special connection last night.

Who can fault that?
I rarely eat pie. I ate pie last night as well as most everyone in attendance.

Something in me this morning wants to applaud the one of us who was absent from eating pie. They may have been the space holder something rare and precious wanting to root in our lives and in my life.

I'm at a critical juncture of following through with my commitment to travel more than 1000 miles to be with other sead planters and space holders.

When we plant to seed we are intending to take up room on the earth for something beautiful that we would like to see grow here.

God bless us all


AN EXAMPLE OF AN EVENT holding space
for something precious


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