Instant First-Aid by Chef JeM .....

A unique technique that virtually anyone can do for themself.

Date:   7/23/2014 5:40:43 AM ( 7 y ago)

Just gave myself a unique first-aid treatment that is based on a technique that I realize I have not publicized as of yet. This is one thing, besides the communications that I advocate, that I think every individual would benefit from knowing.

If / whenever you "bump" into anything, [i.e. banging your hand on a stationary object while quickly grabbing something near by it (like I just did)] immediately bring that exact same part of your body back to the exact same location where you had just bumped into and hold your body part in that "banged" position until all the pain dissapears. While you stop and do that, just become very still and if possible silently focus on your breathing. You will most probably notice yourself spontaniously taking some releasing breaths. Your breathing pattern now will tell you that you are right on the path of instant first-aid! Continue holding the position as best you can and just breath untill both the pain dissolves and your breath completley stabalizes. You may be amazed as to how well this technique works!


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