Day 19 - 18 lbs gone by katiemarie .....

Almost finished week 3 and moving into week 4

Date:   9/23/2014 9:39:49 PM ( 9 y ago)

Well I did get a little frustrated because the weight loss slowed down but I reviewed my weight loss on my previous long fast and there I saw the same pattern.

So I am not doing anything wrong it's just my body holding onto weight it doesn't need. It also shows how quickly I get obsessed by numbers on the scale.

Right now I am doing some days on just lemon or lime water and other days I sip on veggie juice and sometimes when I really crave salt some pickle juice. It tastes so good!

I am still in ketosis but not as deeply as I was 1 week ago. Which is actually nice beause that dry ketone mouth gets really miserable.

I'm coming to the 3 week mark soon and hope to see that "2" numer gone!!

All in all I am not hungry but I enjoy thinking about food without my stomach freaking out. And I am also unsure how long I will continue this kind of "fast." I feel pretty good. My energy is fine but sleep has been a bit off. My skin is very dry so I might add in some coconut oil. My hair is doing fine.

Day 1 weight in: 218.8
Day 19 weigh in: 200.8

Total pounds in 19 days = 18 lbs


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