Are "Messengers" innocent? by Karlin .....

The mainstream media [MSN] is the messenger and they are spreading the essential propaganda on False Flag attacks.

Date:   11/9/2014 7:56:02 PM ( 8 y ago)

   How is it that we allow mainstream media to do BOTH the screaming headlines and detailed reporting on certain events,  and then NOT ask the crucial, obvious, essential follow up questions?

    Right now Canadians are being told a story by Harper, CSIS, The RCMP, and the Corporate Media about the "Ottawa Shootings" - More on that in the next post but first a word about the Messengers of the Message:

   On "Don't Shoot the Messenger" -

    We are so EASY to fool... We just accept stuff because it makes sense, but we miss the hidden, and ulterior, motives behind these messages. We miss them more often than we catch them but with enough examples in recent memory we just might be able to at least "come around to it later than sooner".

  Today's example is.... "Don't Shoot the Messenger".  They use it in the news, they use it as a movie title, and over time it becomes an iconic and completely accepted idea in our culture.

   Maybe we SHOULD shoot the messengers? It is a way to show the enemy that we are not being fooled, and it might cause the enemy to expose themselves.

WHAT enemy? WHAT messenger?

    In the western world today the enemy is NOT "terrorism" - the enemy are those who INVENTED terrorism with the false flag attacks and nameless faceless terrorists who are just another "them" who lives "over there".... Hey, sidebar - if this is war, why is it ALWAYS fought "over there" and never here, where we are supposedly being attacked? Hey? HEY??

   The MESSENGER for all these lies and subterfuge is, of course, the MSN - MainStream News. The Big Corporations behind the Movies, TV, Music and News [online, newspapers, TV] - mainstream media.

   And perhaps, now that it is obvious the MSN is not going to report ANYTHING other than the official story as dictated by the government of the day, it is time to "shoot them". No no, not really just "shoot them" but instead act like the terrorists they describe in their lies and blow them up and take them  down buildings and all and make the survivors beg for their lives until they tell the WHOLE truth.
   [PS - I have to add "No, not really, I am not advocating violence..."  (for legal reasons) ].

    The most recent example of the MSN and Government conspiring  - bringing terrorism to Canada in yet another false flag attack. Read about it -

Alternative news Reporting on the 2014 Canadian false flag attack in Ottawa -



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