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Date:   1/8/2015 8:41:54 AM ( 6 y ago)

October 1, 2017 - A.U.M.

Inspired with a new acronym that presented itself the other day, originally based on my contemplation of "awareness, understanding and mindfulness" that later evolved to "acceptance, understanding and mindfulness". Later that day I was further inspired to look at the Gene Key Gifts for these and sure enough:

Acceptance is the Gift of the 25th Gene Key,
Understanding is the Gift of the 4th Gene Key,
and Mindfulness s the Gift of the 33rd Gene Key!

Then I thought of a sequence from acceptance to understanding and to mindfulness and I got:
whenever we experience anything less than harmony in our relations with others first ascertain whether we are resisting complete acceptance of the other. If a general acceptance of the other is apparent then ask yourself if you are open to understanding the other Individual. If you're open to it seek to understand via dyads of inquiry and /or open dialogue. If you are not open to understanding then at least be committed to being as mindful as you can.

Moments ago I received the "Thought for the Day" from the Omraam community and find it harmonizes with my contemplation of A.U.M.:

"...make a habit not only of behaving with understanding and kindness toward people we do not like, but also of recogni(ze) the mistakes and weaknesses of those we do like."[2]

The added "synopsis" of the above quote is: "Likes and dislikes - are not reliable criteria".

I can also see the (12th) Gift of Discrimination applying here. I have the 12th Gene Key activated with my Design Mars (and imagine that is somewhat a challenge for Mars exuberant energy to be so "mindful"). Also Discernment (the 13th) applies as well. Two more additional Gifts that fit here are Commitment (29th) and Inquiry (63rd). I don't see an expanded acronym with the additional gifts so I'm just going with "AUM" for now!

January 8, 2018 - More Acronyms -

Got a new acronym this morning: "Ice" which stands for Investigate - Contemplate - Experiment; may be very appropriate for anyone just getting introduced to their Human Design. According to Ra the Human Design System points to how you can experiment with the way you make important decisions in your life based on the mechanics of your design rather than your mind.

I can also extend the "Ice" acronym (like an expanding glacier?) to "Iced" with the addition of "d" for discover. I like the sequence of Investigate - Contemplate - Experiment and Discover! I could do a whole workshop on this!

July 14, 2017 -

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1/8/15 -

In 1983 I became a teacher of a system of manifestation based on access to the superconscious. Today I work with the Gene Keys, inspired in part by The Human Design System. Gene Keys is about frequency and the awareness & acceptance required at the lower frequencies (known as specific "Shadows") in order to release the Gifts in higher consciousness through which the highest frequencies known as the Siddhis can embody in us. In Gene Key there are 64 Siddhis.

"Siddhi actually means perfection or attainment in Sanskrit. Siddhis can be realized through any spiritual practice ..."

Read more :":

January 18th, 2015 - Musing

The Siddhis "descend" into us to embody us. We do not ascend into the Siddhis. Yet we have aspirations of elevating our life experience and situation/s were commitments are required.

Gene Keys speaks of "true commitment" as the Gift frequency at the 29th Gene Key. A friend speaks of a certain “full throttle”/burst of activity that lasts for 90 days (as in "Go Pro" in 90 days"). If “true commitment within a cycle of time … lasts seven years or more” and if a “full throttle”/burst of activity lasts for 90 days then I wonder what the relationship between these two are. I wonder if there needs to be a “true commitment” of “seven years or more” in order that one can sustain “full throttle” for 90 days.

April 7, 2018 - Mindfulness? - Some Definition -

"Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment."






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