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Given the astrological natal data for any of the wealthiest people a Human Design Chart can be generated to see if they have "The Channel of Money" defined

Date:   1/16/2015 9:03:28 AM ( 6 y ago)

"As part of the May 2007 concerts, her ALAS Foundation was able to solicit commitments of US$ 200 million from philanthropists Carlos Slim, Mexico's richest man, and Howard Buffett, son of U.S. investment guru Warren Buffett, Shakira announced on April 15, 2008."[1]

Friday the 23rd -

The inspiration for starting this research grew out of my intention to further develop one of my biggest seed dream visions - the one that I've named: Cheeta.

In choosing to take the big Cheeta to the next level I thought that the next step was a matter of getting the finances together. (After all - the vision is to build an eco-village staring with a full working biodynamic farm featuring all the pasture lands required to fully meet the needs of the whole village! Probably requiring at least a couple hundred acres of quality pasture lands.) Then I connected with the International Association of Wellness Professionals where I got "The Holistic Entrepreneur's Authentic Success Toolkit" and it's approach to "marketing". Before staring this blog entry I listened to the second week's presentation on three steps to take: Connect, Build the Relationship and Solve a Problem - and then made the following comment:

Thank you Suzanne!
“Connection” is certainly the first step and it is absolutely essential! People need to be met and connected with by accepting them right where they are. The intention to connect like this needs to be sincere. It is best accomplished when the attention is fully devoted and without deviating one’s attention anywhere else but on the individual with whom one is intending to connect with. People will feel that kind of attention and respond accordingly! It will likely attract them to having more of that higher-quality positive attention freely given to them!

That kind of attention/connection becomes something real that can be built upon. Building your relationship requires a commitment. If you know your Human Design and whether you have a Defined Heart Center then you can know whether you have the consistent energy and will to make this kind of commitment. I imagine that you, Suzanne, probably have a Defined Heart/Will Center. If you are interested I can give you a complimentary introduction to your Human Design and focus specifically on that center, one of nine Human Design Centers that we all have.[2]

January 14, 2017 -

Keeping the Seed Dream Alive!

My professor friend suggested for free classes. I looked into it and saw a few items of interest including a course on social entreprenuership. This course required a fee that I wasn't expecting based on what my friend had said. I proceeded to request financial aid. Then that process required a fee! I stopped and got inspired to research other options. I decided to define the field. The following is one reference for that purpose:

"We define social entrepreneurship as having the following three components: (1) identifying a stable but inherently unjust equilibrium that causes the exclusion, marginalization, or suffering of a segment of humanity that lacks the financial means or political clout to achieve any transformative benefit on its own; (2) identifying an opportunity in this unjust equilibrium, developing a social value proposition, and bringing to bear inspiration, creativity, direct action, courage, and fortitude, thereby challenging the stable state’s hegemony; and (3) forging a new, stable equilibrium that releases trapped potential or alleviates the suffering of the targeted group, and through imitation and the creation of a stable ecosystem around the new equilibrium ensuring a better future for the targeted group and even society at large."[3]



[2] - See more at:



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