Water Fast day 17 - halfway done by gosslin .....

All is good.

Date:   4/13/2015 12:29:32 PM ( 8 y ago)

In 8 hours I will be officially done with half of my 34 day water fast. Of course this is not set in stone - but that was the original goal, which I see no reason not to be achieved at this time.

All is good. I have been coaching football almost everyday and end up running a bit during those which is fine. I try to keep it minimal.

Weekends are the hardest as visitors come over and eat and drink at my home. This is the hardest to sit through because I want to partake. I am not hungry and normal meals throughout the week do not bother me.

I am still playing with dry fasting for periods throughout the day and lots of sauna work. My energy has again stabilized and I am on a steady go for about 14 hours a day. After that I wind down and get tired but do not nap as I prefer to sleep heavy and hard. Unlike most of my previous fasts, I am not dreaming about food at all that I remember. Not yet anyway. We will see... I am only halfway :)



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