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Possibly the start of a chapter in my "book of life" leading up to my T.O.M.M.Y. Transformation of My Mythological Youth.

Date:   4/27/2015 6:29:34 AM ( 6 y ago)

This evening a housemate friend told me how much she enjoyed "Beware of Mr. Baker" - the Ginger Baker documentary. I responded as positively as I am capable of in full affinity with my deep sense of shared reality & understanding and then shared something of the awesome impact that Ginger Baker had in my life with the first Cream Album in 1966[1]. I made some attempt to elaborate on the nature of this "impact" and now that I have listened to some of the video footage from the documentary (plus another production on Bruce)[2] I can quote/paraphrase what others said better:

"An atomic bomb went off ... it overwhelmed everything!" (I think that was Neil Pearl of Rush on the video.)
Followed by: "When Hendrix[1] went to London he wanted to jam with Cream cause there was no one else that he admired."

"At the forefront of a complete revolution of Rock - He (Ginger Baker) is the archetype".

Then in the subsequent video on Bruce that immediately followed this Ginger Baker trailer: "I was quite unprepared for Cream. Before the curtain even opened - the opening chords for the opening number - it was like the heavens had opened and thunder had come. ..."

As pertinent as these words may be IMO they still fall short of describing the actual impact into the collective (except that "atomic bomb" analogy comes closest ; ~ ).

If you were not incarnate and old enough to have already been listening independently to your own favorite music by the early 60s then I don't think you can fully grok the impact that occurred at that time - an impact that can not be fully duplicated for a number of reasons.[3]

Knowing (through the documentary) the state of existence that Ginger Baker reported is presently in evokes my empathy, compassion and a heart-felt response to offer him healing. I have literally made note of this now and will pray about it.



[3] "Reasons" including the fact that the world has changed, the collective psyche[4] has changed and it simply is not possible to duplicate the "damage" from that "atomic bomb" now. Possibly at best we have the direct narratives of the original players: Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton. However, we also have the macro perspectives that deserve to be included and of these I suggest Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas.
Previous blogs re: this are:

[4] Andrew Cohen[5] speaks to the "collective psyche" change that I'm referring to as:

"... a very deep cultural change in the human psyche as a whole":

[5] Here's Andrew Cohen's Evolutionary Enlightenment:

At the time of the mid-60s, music for me was the single most effective vehicle to point to this change because only music had the ability to transmit a frequency that resonated within and capable of impacting the multi-dimensionality of being where change would be occurring - first on an individual basis and nearly simultaneously as well.

Also consider: "A Generation With Neptune In The Human Design Spleen Centre": -

"a divine connection that is physically felt"

My most enjoyable experiences of music in the 60s was when I could physically feel it through my body and dance! My favorite music evoked "a divine connection" with my own "lord of the dance"!

Deeper down the above mentioned Human Design "rabbit hole":

A confluence between physics and metaphysics.:

"Is it coincidental that the framers of the I-Ching sequence based on their macroscopic observation of nature, derived eight trigrams as the basis for projecting the whole world of change?":

Christmas 2015 -

I'm in the midst of a separate research (on the triple conjunction of 1968/69 that includes Jimi Hendrix as a lead player in the musical explosion during this 24-month time window as reported by Richard Tarnas in Cosmos And Psyche):
and although I could devote a Blog to Hendrix I just want to note the following for now.:

The author at Skyscript wrote:
"Presiding near the top of his chart, Neptune irradiates the rest of it with harmonious trine and sextile aspects. 'When he turned down the volume, like in hotel rooms, and was forced to play very quietly, his music was like running water. It was dreamy and fluid with whispering singing lines. Very introspective and poetic.'"

Following that are lines from "Moon Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away" however a line is missing and that inspired me to search for the missing line and then found the following:

"So down and down and down and down
and down and down we go.
Hurry my darling we mustn't be late
for the show.
Neptune champion games to an aqua
world is so very dear.
'Right this way,' smiles a mermaid,
I can hear Atlantis full of cheer.":


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