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By way of the circuitous routes of Mercury; now Retrograde and at other times as well.

Date:   5/20/2015 10:01:09 AM ( 7 y ago)

This second entry comes 14 days (half a lunar cycle) since my initial "Welcome".

Now with Mercury retrograde in Gemini and in light of all its aspects - "we are facing a philosophical transformation."[1]

That means it is a most excellent time to think, to deeply contemplate and allow this "messenger of the gods" to work his quicksilver through our lives. Change is inevitable now. You can locate this change in your Human Design Body Graph as Mercury is now in Throat Gate 35: The Gate of Change! According to Lynda Bunnell the influence of this Gate activation can allow "clear sharing (that) carries the potential to transform humanity"[2]. This Gate activation by way of transiting Mercury can be all the more enhanced by the Mercury characteristics including the ability to articulate the primary creative energy and render it intelligible! In any case Mercury does convey the impulse and capacity to think.

(I'm in serendipitous revelry at this moment recalling a line from Frank Zappa's "Mom and Dad" recording: "Ever tell your kids you're glad that they can think?"[3])

Here's a thought for your possible contemplation during this time: "Who are we when our ideas are less about objective truth and more about the kind of world we want to create–the style, the images, and experiential qualities? For some this is an intolerable idea. For others its the ticket to spiritual freedom."

Author Adam Elenbaas's[4] closing - "Prayer: Help us think things through as things think through us…"



(This article came to me by way of Chris Lowthert, new medicine practitioner. Thank you Chris!)

[2] The Definitive Book of Human Design


[4]Contributing Editor. Adam Elenbaas is the author of "Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest." Adam is the director and founder of Nightlight Astrology, a donation based astrology school located in Washington DC and NYC. Elenbaas is one of the founding writers and contributing editors for"

Attempted to post the following comment however it appears that I may have to have a Facebook account to "sign in" and I have let go of Facebook.

Thank you Adam!

Enjoyed and quoted this article!:

I'd like to see more articles like this offering fresh new perspectives on the myths of mercury retrograde.


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