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The Energy of Artificial Heat and Cold.

Date:   6/19/2015 2:23:13 PM ( 8 y ago)

An energy factor in chronic conditions affecting health is the residue of used artificial heat and cold. This is energy that has been processed by an appliance or device using up its vitality leaving behind, in food or water to be consumed, an undetectable energy residue or presence.

Cooked food will contain the energy residue of the gas or electricity used to cook it and refrigerated food cooled by gas circulation and powered by electric will have the residue of both.

Insect material and energy comes from a living creature, but the used energy residue of fossil fuels - gas, electric, coal and oil - all come from dead things. Thereís a big difference.

Insect material and energy, in a human, will actively try to change that human body to suit itís needs, giving rise to adverse changes we call illness. The used energy residue left over from using fossil fuels can only damage by its presence, being passive it canít actively change the human body.

Other ways to generate electrical energy are nuclear, solar, wind and tidal. With the exception of nuclear which imparts its own type of energy signature into the electricity it generates, solar, wind and tidal generated electricity have a less dangerous point of generation, but all the products of electricity, artificial heat and cold residue, will still be created.

The energy residue of used artificial cold can be powerful contributory factor in an illness or condition as it can shield and protect other contributory factors from the immune system.
Also, where the energy residue of used artificial heat collects is important because it becomes a focus and a drawing point for other contributory factors to an illness or condition. Smoking would be an example of this.

Used artificial heat is any heat not absorbed directly from the sun through the skin, which is the only way humans are evolved to absorb heat, mostly from fossil fuels such as gas, electric and microwave heating and cooking, but includes the residues of other energies from smoking and burning wood.

Artificial heat isn't life supporting as it's vitality has gone used to power the appliance itís used for, i.e. a cooker, heater, microwave, motor and so on. The action of cooking, leaves behind in the food, especially milk, and drink, a used, undetectable energy presence which transfers into people through the food and drink itís in when consumed.

The residue from used artificial heat and cold, generated from mains electricity is most dangerous when it gets into a person by the mouth, i.e. by food, drink and inhaling, smoking, giving the body no way to refuse them.

This doesnít apply to batteries which produce a different energy and are filtered when used in The Therapy and are placed on the skin giving the body the option to take or refuse the energy offered.

Used mains artificial energy can also pass into a person through the skin, with heating and washing, and the eyes, with electric light, TVís and monitors which can become a factor in conditions more on the surface.

With electrical energy the key point is itís mains generated alternating current that damages, not low voltage direct current battery energy.

Immersing the hands when washing up in hot water containing detergent is also a way dangerous energy residue can enter the body going directly into the bone marrow of the forearms, becoming a factor, in some cases, in breast cancer, and will be gone into further on in the piece on cancer.
Human heat thatís natural, generated from within a person from the sun, air, food and drink, consumed at room temperature without being heated, frozen or cooled artificially, is a completely different type of energy, generated from deep within, than used artificial energy which comes from dead or decaying sources and forms a layer near the bodies surface blocking the brains perception of the body. This is another important factor connected to cancer.

Natural human heat goes towards powering human emotions. True love and friendship has natural warmth and we have warm feelings towards those and what we care about. Only natural human heat can do this and be used in this way.

Being warmed by the sun is natural and when we cool down itís because that heat has left the body. We cool due to an absence of heat or its energy. Being heated through food or drink is an artificial state where the body condition is forced to change and is unnatural and damaging.

Artificial cold comes from refrigeration or air conditioning and is a type of energy. Energy presence or residue is a better term as itís undetectable, passive, canít be measured and has no direct effect on or in the physical world. It does however, have an indirect effect caused by its presence, becoming a factor in certain illnesses and it freezes, or locks, a personís body condition, mostly in females as the natural body condition of females is to store cold.
Natural cold is an absence of heat, but artificial cold contains the used mains electrical energy presence of the refrigeration process.

A person can have the artificial energy residue of cold in them and not feel cold, but it's tremendously disruptive to human energy systems covering and smothering them, it also freezes, or shuts out natural human heat and warmth.

The human body finds it much easier to use artificial heat, which arrives in the body already generated, than to generate its own natural human heat. Itís the line of least resistance.

Unfortunately, while artificial heat can be used to heat the body, usually too much so a person is always uncomfortably warm, and therefore unhappy and irritable, it cannot be used to power a natural, human emotional state.

Instead of natural human heat and warmth the body chooses readily available artificial heat which then inflames and drives emotions such as rage, anger, hate, violence, lust and sexual desire, all of which contain heat. The male is more prone to expressing these types of emotions as men are more heat based, storing and expressing it.
Artificial heat and cold is most dangerous when it enters the body in food and drink being consumed.

For instance: ice cream made from milk which is an energy carrier, contains the antifreeze propylene glycol, which is also used as a preservative in many products. When the ice cream and antifreeze combine they turn the ice cream into a type of battery, which would happen to any frozen milk product containing antifreeze, which then has the capacity to store much more of the residue of used artificial cold energy than milk on its own, being carried into the body when the product is consumed.

A metal can, aluminium is used a lot now in canning, will impart the metal spin or imprint of the aluminium into the contents of the can, especially if itís an acid type soft drink. This metallic imprintís different from used, artificial energy essence, which will be in the drink anyway due to its manufacturing process, and once the drink is consumed this metallic imprint combines with vibrations from machinery already in a person, looked at a bit further on, to spread them around the body transmitting and focusing their power, particularly in the brain.
These types of used energy which leave an energy residue are undetectable, but they are there.

It would be good if a means of detection could be developed measuring not only the presence of these types of energy residues but their strength, point of origin and the adverse condition theyíre supporting in a person.
Something along the lines of a water diviner where the 2 sticks cross in the presence of water pulling strongly downwards over a large body of water might be developed. Water has no electrical energy to detect but can be detected by divining. Just an idea...

Artificial heat, combined with other energies, is a factor in certain types of conditions and artificial cold, combined with other energies, is a factor in certain other types of conditions and will be looked at a bit further on, along with vibrations.

The sunís energy passing through a simple form of life such as a plant or tree has its vitality stripped out by the plant or tree to energise its living processes, supporting its life. This vitality can only be stripped out once and is the action of very simple forms of life starting the process of sending energy up though the chain of life.

Once the vitality of the sun's energy has gone into a life supporting processes, the remaining energy residue is used and devitalised and with plants its returned to the soil where itís grounded.

Humans and animals tend to compound more complex energies from simpler energies through consumption rather than strip vitality like plants and trees which is part of our ongoing process of evolution and future development.
The suns energy we absorb tends to be used in the present for energising the brain and body rather than development.

Any food containing insect material and energy is resistant to the body's ability to change it with the bodies energy as it passes through the windpipe so it remains unchanged and hostile to the body.

The energy of used artificial heat and cold in food and drink will also do this.

Other forms of artificial energy which affect the body, but are not consumed, would be machinery giving off vibrations, such as power tools, dentists drills, electric toothbrushes and shavers, massage devices and barbers shears all of which make direct contact with peoples bodies.
Machines such as generators, cars, trains, aircraft, various motors and engines give off vibrations absorbed by peoples bodies, but theyíre not in direct contact.

Males generally use such machines and itís the vibration thatís the problem and is a factor in Parkinsonís disease, especially the brain damage, which is transmitted and focused into the brain when combined with the metallic imprint given to food and drink through canning.

The bodies clear fluid again acts as a transmission medium in a person for these vibrations only when itís been damaged by the action of the insect bite to the neck.

These types of energies such as vibrations, metallic imprints and energy residues are undetectable in a person, theyíre not even felt, but the condition or illness they contribute to is an indication of their existence.

The specialist insect bite to the male neck disables the clear fluids ability to screen out genetic abnormalities allowing them to survive.

This, combined with the used artificial energy residue of cold damaging and changing the body condition, is a factor with Down's syndrome, but this happens over time, with the effects of the bite working down through many generations, before a serious genetic condition appears.
The body condition with Down's syndrome is fluid with used artificial cold energy residue dominating.

Itís very similar to MS. Females draw and hold cold energy residue and its passed female to female down through the line, again building up over time.


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