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Conditions we are born with or inherit

Date:   6/20/2015 10:16:25 AM ( 8 y ago)

Many conditions are passed on in the womb, or start there, so a person is born and grows up with them - shaping their lives.

Damage can be done through the placenta and the clear amniotic fluid surrounding the growing child damaging development.
This damage done through the amniotic fluid can also be replicated in later life in swimming pools and spars.

The damage looks different only because damage done in the womb affects a person very early in development, whereas in a swimming pool a person is further along, a child, or finished development, an adult.

In the womb a factor of Down's syndrome begins in the motherís placenta. Before pregnancy an insect bite to the neck disables or inhibits the future motherís clear fluid defensive system. This allows the energy of other insect material and bites to work through her clear body fluid, and when she is pregnant, it can lodge in the placenta, causing an energy bottleneck, interfering with the energy received by the foetus changing the way it develops.

Itís not just the placenta this energy lodges, but all through the organs of the body, becoming a factor in diabetes for instance. It happens with both men and women, but as the developing baby in a pregnant woman is drawing so much from her through the placenta it gets the lionís share of the harmful energy.

These 2 problems in the male and female, both caused by insect bites, converging, become a factor in Downís syndrome. The energy of used artificial cold, generated from mains electricity, changing and locking both the mother line over generations, and the babyís body condition, is another.

Another problem occurs when the placenta, as a filter, becomes overwhelmed and starts letting through insect material and energy and the energy from refrigeration into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby where it can damage the developing baby directly.

The condition that arises in the developing baby depends on the species of insect material and energy thatís let through, but the effect is powerful as its development is interfered with and changed. The changes, as they happen very early on, tend to be genetic.

With Downís syndrome the damage done is dependent on a combination of the type of insect material, possibly a mosquito, used artificial cold residue, which changes and locks the mothers body condition over generations, and damage done to the back of the neck leading to development problems.

This neck damage is transmitted from the mother through the clear amniotic fluid in the womb and is the original insect bite to her neck, and/or her previous generations that have become imprinted in her female line, replicated in the developing baby and is always present in people with Downís syndrome. This happens when the mother and baby both share the same body condition created by the residue of used artificial cold energy.

A person with Downís syndrome has the facial look of somebody being affected by cold, which is whatís happening: used cold energy residue and as this happens in the womb the developing babyís body condition is changed completely, cell by cell, so the used cold energy residue fuses totally with the developing childís structure at every level.

This is a different condition than when an adult takes in used cold energy residue from food and drink as their physical structure, hopefully, has already been established, so the cold residue can only affect the personís body systems, not the structure, although thatís in itself is bad enough.

Examples of conditions developed from conception where the physical structure of the developing baby has been infiltrated and changed by inherited used cold energy residue would be Downís syndrome, lupus, MS, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, motor neurone disease, diabetes and epilepsy.

Most of these start to show later in life as they still need some outside factors to trigger them but the energy groundwork has been laid in the womb changing the body condition, and as it begins early it becomes woven and permeates the fabric of a personís existence.

As opposed to the used energy residue of artificial heat and cold, Insect energy in the womb tends to work through the developing childís energy systems in an adverse way, rather than becoming part of the developing childís physical structure.

Examples of this would be: severe allergies, ADHD, mental conditions and autism, and as the joining of adverse insect material and different energies happens in the womb the person is born, grows up and has to live with this all their life. Truly a living hell.


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