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The impact energies have on the cells,

Date:   6/20/2015 10:19:40 AM ( 8 y ago)

If insect material and energy is present in a person cell division will happen under severe tension causing abnormal and unstable, but not rapid or uncontrolled, cell division and the more insect material and energy is present, the more cells are affected. This is especially true in the blood and itís passed on through transfusions.

Insect material and energy causes an almost violent reaction in the human body right down to the cellular level and while insect material and energy can be spread throughout the body its life energy tends to concentrate and focus its attack on parts of the body, the same as if itís stinging.

Insect material and energy has to go through another transformation by being processed by the bone marrow creating energy packets containing DNA, as well as coming into contact with any artificial energy presence of heat or cold in a person and to combine, or grow, in the energy soil thatís rheumatoid arthritis which is present in the cells, to be able to stimulate rapid or uncontrolled cell division in these abnormal, weakened, unstable cells, and this will be looked at further on.

The blueprint for individual cell division is in the cell itself, not in the overall body blueprint discussed earlier which controls the action of a cell not its division, so as the blueprint is local in the cell, its much weaker and more subject to the influence of insect material and energy which is in the cell and distorts the blueprint governing cell division.

This also means that severe damage to cells, as opposed to mild damage, is repaired in a more specialist way through energy packets containing DNA to oversee cell repair, done locally at the site of any cell damage by stimulating the blueprint within the cell.

Damage to cells can be made worse by external factors such as overexposure to the sun, chemicals, pollution and smoking, but the cells have to be already damaged for this to happen. Such things just make it worse.


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