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Date:   6/21/2015 4:40:06 AM ( 8 y ago)

Insect material and energy varies in it strength and ability to do harm depending on its content.
It can be widespread and passive when it just contains insect material and energy. It doesnít attack the body directly, but its presence, and the body using its energy, it what does the harm.
A third factor can be added to this insect material and energy: the insects life force, which we would see as vicious, active and having purpose, and itís this energy that directly attacks the body.

RA happens when insect material and energy contains a lot of an insects life energy.
Insect life power can enter animal and people directly and also through the food chain.

When an insect is harvested alive with crops as opposed to getting into the food chain when dead, such as when insecticide has been used. The living insect dies and its life energy passes into the food itís been harvested with.

Insect material and energy, without life power, spreads throughout the body and is impossible to shift as itís in the layers of the body, but insect life power can be moved and stored in holding areas by the body as a means to stop it doing major harm.

Itís this insect life power that the immune system attacks as the life power is attacking the body. This is the basis for autoimmune diseases, a factor in the disease being the type of insect the life power came from, creating apparently different diseases, but the underlying mechanism is the same.

These holding areas are the internal organs, including the brain, skin, breasts, mostly in a woman and testicles in a man. The bodies idea is to neutralise insect life power through storage, but in doing so it concentrates it becoming a factor in cancer later.

The organs or areas of the body that are used for storage depends on where the insect material is and the flow of energy. Itís different between men and women. For instance a womanís breast is a better holding area in women than men although it can happen in men.

External artificial heat in water focused into the hands nourishes and incubates any insect life power it comes into contact with. When chemicals are added to the water the effect is magnified such as when washing up with bare hands and the heat draws insect life power to it, which is acting on instinct.

As well as destabilising cell division insect life power, material and energy in the blood can be a factor in some forms of depression, autism, dementia, mood swings, allergies, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease all of which is an expression of the underlying condition, rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Conditions where the veins or arteries burst or rupture can be an action by the body trying to rid the blood of insect life power, material and energy which shows how dangerous it is. The body canít tolerate the presence of insect life power, material and energy within it and would rather accept physical damage than live with it.

Insect life power, material and energy also affects the overall body condition and balance and can affect the eyes and condition of the skin, making them sensitive to sunlight, and hair, making it brittle.

The eyesight is also effected, witnessed by the number of people wearing glasses now.

The body enters a state of shock, sensitivity, stress, mental instability and reaction which can lead to physical disability. This distortion of peopleís lives becomes the norm.

With such a person certain foods and additives cause reactions and allergies.

As said, insect life power, material and energy spread throughout the body is effectively the underlying condition of rheumatoid arthritis forming an energy soil that other conditions can grow in.

A person can have the underlying condition of rheumatoid arthritis and not feel pain as the pain is caused by biting insects, but this underlying condition can make a person sensitive, nervous, afraid, intimidated, agitated, stimulated and constantly over-reacting to stimulus.

For RA to establish itself in a person 2 things are needed: an underlying condition consisting of insect life power, material and energy spread throughout the bodies clear fluid by contaminated stomach bacteria, and insect bites to the joints, usually the hands.

Using silica gel in The Therapy is probably the best way to deal with RA, though it can vary from person to person. With others the detergent may work best. Using both is probably best.
Like so many chronic, disabling illness RA is a composite of different, harmful energies.

With just insect life power, material and energy spread through the body, but without insect bites a person hurt either physically, emotionally or mentally will experience pain greater than normal and it will continue, delaying or stopping recovery, from any condition. It's like the ringing of a bell: the hurt is like a hammer striking and the pain is the ringing of the bell, magnified by the underlying body condition.

It means that pain become a way of life for so many.

Once the energy of rheumatoid arthritis has established itself spreading through a person changing their body condition, many other seemingly unrelated conditions can arise from it sharing the same characteristics as RA such as swelling, inflammation, reaction, congestion and pain. RA spread throughout the body is the energy soil in which other conditions can grow.

For RA to develop into a physical condition with pain and swelling the body must be punctured damaging the energy seal of the skin especially around the joints, releasing the body's natural energy.

This is caused by sucking insect bites, especially fleas and bed bugs, biting and sucking at the joints which causes pain and inflammation. Itís the sucking action of the bite drawing out the bodies healthy energy combined with the energy in the insects saliva going into the tissue surrounding the synovial fluid which causes the pain and the immune system to react.

Other punctures or tears such as injections, being cut, having a tooth out and so on can cause pain but lack the sucking action and energy of the insect bite to be a factor of RA, but they do make the pain bell ring, intensifying it and making it last longer.

As said before RA is a forerunner of uncontrolled growths so the condition of RA in the joints is moving towards cancer, but can go no further because 2 factors are missing:

1) a lack of major damage to the cells around the joints due to them being very resistant to abnormal or unstable division caused by the presence of the life energy of insect material and:

2) the lack of damage means the body doesn't produce energy packets to bring about repair.

Damage, drugs, impact, Repetitive Strain Injury and stress to the body and joints can all make an existing condition worse, but for RA to form the skin needs to be punctured by an insect bite.

With the underlying condition of rheumatoid arthritis distorting the immune system, separating the deep layers of the body, contaminating cells, acting as a barrier to health and damaging the body condition, a lot of other conditions can get established in people.

The insect material and energy needs to be present for damage to cell division to occur. The stronger life energy of insects in RA is also a factor in uncontrolled cell division. One precedes the other, as the underlying condition of RA can support uncontrolled growth, like soil nourishing and sustaining a plant.


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