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Date:   6/22/2015 1:43:40 PM ( 8 y ago)

Insect energy and material combine with human in the DNA with each taking a strand where they come into conflict.

At this level the insect part of the DNA is more in fear, and terrified, of the human part as its locked into the DNA and canít escape. Flight is the natural course for insects.

Uncontrolled growth in a cell is caused by the insect part of the DNA. An insect, when alive will continually grow, and shed its shell until it becomes an adult.

The mechanism for turning off insect growth depends on the size of the insect, but with the insect body gone, the control of insect growth is gone, so thereís no restriction on growth the energy of which continues to stimulate cells.

The antagonism in the DNA strands between the insect part and the human part also drives growth.

Repair joins with growth which can produce out of control growth in certain areas of the body.
Concentrated heat from outside draws insect energy in the human body to it.

So with smoking the heat of burning tobacco draws insect energy into the mouth throat and lungs, causing the underlying energy condition to form.

Tobacco also contains the remains of insects harvested with the tobacco.

Sun burn will draw insect energy to the surface of the body.

Insect material and energy causes unstable cell division which, if severe enough, the body tries to repair.

RA spreads throughout a person, contaminating the cells, creating an unhealthy energy soil which can nourish, support and give rise to many conditions.

Contaminated repair energy packets containing DNA formed in part with insect life power, material and energy can stimulate rapid uncontrolled cell division in damaged cells trying to repair them.
Some stimulus from outside, smoking, chemical, pollution, the suns energy can cause damage or add to existing damage.


This chain needs to be broken by using The Therapy to draw all insect energy from the body and the clear fluid so high energy packets, containing harmful DNA, are no longer seeded into the body and any that are can be dealt with by the now, correctly functioning, clear fluid.

The bags placed on the neck in Part 1 as well as drawing out dead environmental energy are to neutralise the insect bite to the neck so the clear fluid can start to function again.

The bags on the abdomen in Part 1 draw out the energy of ingested insect material, imparting an immunity and allowing the stomach to return to normal.

Using Part 2 placing the bags on the abdomen, plus serotonin which is very important, re-energises the serotonin in the stomach which will then repair any energy damage done by the insect energy to the stomach, heart, blood vessels and brain.

Insect energy in humans stops natural internal evolution and processes, replacing them with the energy of insects, slowly changing human behaviour to be an expression of insect energy.


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