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Fungal energy

Date:   6/22/2015 1:50:10 PM ( 8 y ago)

Fungal infections includes spores, molds, blights, yeasts and similar conditions. These have been infecting humans for thousands of years and live on a lot of what is eaten including fruit and grain and yeast is used in brewing and baking. They can also be breathed in.

Crops and fruit are sprayed to kill fungal infections and related conditions, but that only kills the physical part leaving the food contaminated with fungal energy which has combined with the energy of the sprayed chemicals, making it even more erratic, hostile and aggressive.

Fungal energy is very absorbent of other energies, which is how a fungus expands. This gives rise to many, many conditions as it can absorb, combine and be changed by, so many different energies, including electrical energy.
Only fungal energy seems to do this, things like bacteria and milk are more carriers unchanged by what they carry.

From the food chain fungal energy then enters people.

Fungal infections in a person, such as athletes foot, can be killed off by anti-fungal creams but its energy is left behind in a person. Again this energy would have absorbed and been changed by the energy of the anti-fungal cream.

Antibiotics are another source of large amounts of fungal energy in the body. This energy tends to be stored as there's so much of it and is a factor in lupus, CFS, MS and others.

Fungal energy can survive in the body even after the fungus it belongs to has been killed off.

This is true of anything living in the body that has been killed off by drugs, like antibiotics killing bacteria and vaccines which introduce dead material. Only the physical is dead, the energy remains capable of damaging the body.

Only the clear fluid of the immune system can deal with this kind of energy when it's working correctly.

Fungal energy circulates around the body in the clear fluid when it's been disabled by the mosquito bite to the neck, which is ironic as the clear fluid which is meant to remove invasive energy becomes its means of transport.

Fungal energy settles on long surfaces like the bones, skin and nerve sheaths selecting long surfaces that transmit forces or energies and resemble branches, stalks and stems that grow in their natural environment.

It's the movement of these forces and energies that impart movement to fungal energy allowing it to spread on solid surfaces.

Fungi digest externally and the energy has this same digesting (rotting) capability, damaging any surface it's on. Any absorbed chemical energy is also tremendously damaging to the nerves and physical body.

Fungal energy, in combination with other absorbed energies, can cover the bones becoming a factor with brittle bones, osteoarthritis and bone disease in general.

Fungal energy, in combination with other absorbed energies in the layers of the skin, becomes a factor in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, skin itch and skin conditions in general.

As well as a digesting (rotting) action fungal energy has a drying effect on the surface it covers.

Fungal energy covers the nerves sheaths where this digesting/drying effect, combined with other absorbed energies, seems to be a factor in MS.
This same covering of the nerves seems to be a factor in Motor Neurone Disease. Another factor seems to be powerful, erratic mains generated electricity that the fungal energy has carried to the site of the damage.

Fungal energy, and any absorbed energy, can be removed from the body by the clear fluid functioning correctly.

The immune system uses Part 1 of The Therapy to remove dead environmental energy and the energy of insect bites and bacteria from the body, bone marrow and clear fluid so it can function correctly removing other harmful energies.


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