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Clear fluid and the human body.

Date:   6/23/2015 9:52:25 AM ( 8 y ago)

The difference between clear fluid and water is that clear fluid has absorbed the energies belonging to the body it's in. All water in the body needs to be part of the clear fluid system, but when drinking water is heavily contaminated with insect energy, including fluoride, this action can be blocked or reduced. This leads to water conditions in the body.

Water is converted to clear fluid as soon as it makes contact with the skin. It doesn't need to pass through the windpipe, like food, to be changed. The lips act as super converters passing vast amounts of the bodies energy into water as it's being drunk.

Externally, on the skin, converted water, that is, clear fluid, will absorb beneficial energy from skin oils and spread a coating of energy which will help protect the skin against infection.

Cutting the skin with metal will damage this ability and the energy as will punctures from insect bites and needles.

Using detergents and antiseptics in water for washing will also inhibit, but not stop, the water from becoming clear fluid. It will also remove natural oils from the skin.

Internally through swallowing, water becomes clear fluid through absorbing the bodies energies as soon as contacts made with the lips, so long as there is no insect material or chemicals in the water.

The lips and saliva are involved in kissing which seems to be an important way information is exchanged between humans, intensified when its lips to lips.

Spitting on a person in contempt indicates using saliva to try to damage a person in some way. Perhaps saliva can be filled with dangerous energy?

Also, the damaging energy of bites to the neck, on either side of the spine, gets into the clear fluid of the brain and spine. The energy of the bite vibrates at just the right frequency to disrupt the connection between the clear fluid and the brain.

This frustrates the brain as it's unable to act on information received from the bone marrow to work with the clear fluid to remove unwanted, dangerous energy from the body.

The bites are considered harmless as they're not carrying disease, but it's the harmful energy of the bite that's the problem.

Any clear fluid in the body needs to be part of the clear fluid system and along with the brain and spinal fluid would include tears, sweat, saliva, the mucus lining of the lungs, stomach acid, synovial fluid of the joints, lymph fluid, the clear, not cloudy fluid, of sexual activity and amniotic fluid that surrounds a baby in the womb.

Blood isn't as it's not clear.

Clear fluid also acts as a medium of communication between the brain and the body, including the body of a pregnant woman and a baby in her womb.

Clear fluid also acts as a lubricant preceding the exchange of fluids during the sex act which transfers important genetic information, as energy, into the female preparing her to receive new life and change her body condition appropriately for the act of conception.

The plastic bags used hold the materials are also clear and act in the same way as clear fluid, allowing energy to pass in and out.


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