Federal Govt is the BIG Threat by Karlin .....

Our Federal Govt is the BIG Threat - certainly in Canada, and especially in the USA, the threat from terrorists is a tiny fraction of the likelihood of dying from actions or policies of our own government.

Date:   6/23/2015 4:24:43 PM ( 7 y ago)

Federal Govt is the BIG Threat

  The nation's government - "Federal Government" - has become an entity that is very much separated from it's constituents, the people of the nation.  I am Canadian, but I am also thinking of the U.S.A. where that separation is  well entrenched and there is no hope of citizens having any influence over the politicians who pretend to be representing those citizens.

  That separation becomes not only more evident as we see out Federal Governments take away our freedoms, human rights, and our access to the TRUTH about whats going on [freedom from propaganda, as propaganda spoils the broth so we do not and cannot know what the truth is].

  And now, over the past 15 years, our Federal Government has become  A THREAT TO OUR SAFETY in that we DO NOT KNOW, due to the propaganda, which way the bullets are coming from.

Which direction did those shots come from?
      Is the shooter in the EAST, as in ARAB NATIONS?


      Should we be ducking for cover on the other side of our bunkers because the shots are coming from our neighbors, our police forces and drug enforcement death squads?

    Indeed, the food we eat, the health care we seek, and the toxic products we purchase are also very real threats that are MUCH MORE LIKELY TO KILL YOU than any threat from a so-called Jihadi or ISIS terrorist.

    What about  the extreme weather of a RADICALIZED CLIMATE?  Or the certainty of annhilation if our Federal Government manages to start a WW III?

   Yes, all those "shots" are coming from our Federal Governments, and we are many times more likely to die from the threats created by our Federal Government than from "Arab Terrorists".


- next week - constitutional protections to protect us from the threats we are ipresently under from our government


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