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The harm mains driven electrical energy does to human energy systems.

Date:   6/24/2015 5:52:53 AM ( 8 y ago)

Another form of dead energy is electric light, which includes television & computer screens, which appears to be a factor in insomnia, some allergic reactions and seems to stimulate rheumatoid arthritis through the eye. This is more a surface energy.

Also dead electrical energy enters the body in food cooked with electricity. Passing mains electricity through an appliance releases it becoming random and erratic.

Mains electricity is completely different from battery energy.

Mains created, erratic, electrical energy combines with fungal energy where it passes from food into the stomach then the blood, which is an energy carrier, and seems to be a factor in Leukaemia and blood disorders in general and conditions involving the bodies electrical processes.

Epilepsy has the release of stored, erratic, mains created, electrical energy as a factor. Again fungal energy also seems present.

Diabetes has stored, erratic, mains created, electrical energy as a factor and also the change in the way the pancreas works caused by insect energy in the water of the body.

With these conditions, while the living energy of micro-organisms, roots and any living material in the earth is beneficial, the earth is also simply used to earth or ground erratic, mains created, electrical energy acquired from mains generated electrical products, removing it as a harmful factor.

The appearance of mains driven, erratic electrical energy in our environment is a recent artificial development and is beyond the ability of the immune system and clear fluid to deal with as it hasn't had time to evolve a defence.
This energy can only be removed using the earth as in Part 2 of The Therapy.

Also using the batteries is essential for these types of conditions as the immune system will use the stable pattern of the battery energy to restore order to the bodies electrical systems.


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