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Damage caused by them.

Date:   6/25/2015 5:56:54 AM ( 7 y ago)

Some illnesses are actually created by the bone marrow by processing and reprocessing dead energy where it combines with insect energy.

This process changes and damages the working of the immune system letting in viruses, bacterial and fungal infections which cause massive damage, especially to the throat, which is the gatekeeper to the body.

This quite often happens in childhood.
The throat invests food passing through the windpipe with the bodies energy converting it from something outside and unacceptable, into part of the body and acceptable to the immune system.

The windpipe is an energy seal.
Saliva, a clear fluid, also does this when it's not disabled.

Dairy products heavily contaminated with insect energy resist this process.

The reverse is also true. As waste is passed out of the body this energy is stripped out and reabsorbed as it passes through the anus, an energy seal. When this seal is damaged the bodies energy will pass out, unrecovered, with waste leading to debilitating conditions.

When the throat is damaged due to infections, food is unconverted, not part of the body, and the immune system becomes hostile to it becoming a factor in autoimmune conditions.

This is why The Therapy Part 1 & 2 is used on the throat to repair the energy damage.


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