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"A traditional account of the Fall speaks of Lucifer, the archangel that rebelled against God, as Christís brother, and says that when he was cast down from heaven a great emerald from his diadem fell to earth. ..."

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I'm inspired to post this here as a gift for my divine friend TDP who is a student of the Tarot.

Suit Of Stones -
The Green Stone

"The Suit of Stones represents the aspect of the Grail described as a green stone. The thirteenth-century poet Wolfram von Eschenbach retells the story of the Grail as an alchemical mystery that, he says, he obtained from a man named Kyot of Provence, who has it in turn from the even more mysterious Flegitanis, who had great knowledge of starry mysteries. Wolfram describes the stone as follows:

A stone of the purest kind ... called lapsit exillis ... Any human being who sees the stone, even though sick, he will not die for another week ... and if he sees the stone every day for two hundred years ... he will not die.

Flegitanis is said to have told of a great war between the angels in Heaven. Lucifer, not yet associated with the Devil, was the hero of this war. In his crown was a great emerald that, either during the fighting or in his fall from Heaven, became dislodged and fell to earth, where it became known as the Grail.

Wolfram's Latin title for the Grail is inaccurate and cannot be translated exactly. He may have meant to write 'lapis lapsus ex caelis', 'stone fallen from Heaven', which would fit the Lucifer story.

Other interpreters have suggested that the stone is really the lapis phiosphorum, or philosopher's stone, sought by the alchemists as a means of turning lead into gold.

In The Grail Tarot this suit represents the element of earth, the groundedness and foundation which are necessary part of the Seeker's journey from Neophyte to Knight. In more general terms it represents great sensitivity and involvement within the individual. References throughout the 'Meanings' to the Novice or Seeker should be understood as applying equally to the user of the pack."[1]

The next card presented in the book is "Lady of Stones".

I discovered the book in my Google search results for: "great emerald""fell to earth"
My search was inspired by reading:

"A traditional account of the Fall speaks of Lucifer, the archangel that rebelled against God, as Christís brother, and says that when he was cast down from heaven a great emerald from his diadem fell to earth. In establishing this link between Christ and Lucifer, the intention of the initiates was to teach us that good and evil are the two poles of one and the same reality."[2]

Author John Matthews has another book: "The Grail Tradition" bearing the account with slight variations[3]

Also in my search results I have:

"the emerald tablets of thoth -

... the Thrice-Great'), Emerald Tablets of Thoth II Reality of the Reptilian Rulers. ... So I did a search on emerald fell to earth and Lucifer and I came across this."


July 6, 2015 -

Inspired with the phrase: "And The Heaven's Declare" while reading the opening "frames" of a YouTube video on the "Star of Bethlehem" (Blogged: ) as I had seen it and wanted to share that with a new LinkedIn contact who had declared at her profile that she is a Christian. I wanted to know if she had seen "The Star of Bethlehem" and if so what she thought of it before offering her my complimentary introduction to her Human Design, or introducing her to her Love/Destiny cards.

Following my inspiration has just now brought me to a new book:

"The Heavens Declare: Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness":

"... the purpose of these letters is to emphasize two things: (1) the necessity for understanding within yourself and through your own body the various processes represented by the sign's; and (2) appreciation of their equivalent within the psyche. After all, we are psychosomatic creatures, and Jung has pointed out that many of our individual problems can be worked upon within the psyche without necessarily being acted out in physical world as "fate." This would include many illnesses having a psychological disturbance at their root -though not all."

The author continues:

"I always like to remember that the word 'cosmos' means beauty, the beauty of order and harmony. When you realize the way (that) our solar system interconnects with the greater model of the ring of the twelve visible constellations, it takes your breath away. ..."[4]

The timing on my finding this is connected with unspeakable joy bursting forth in my "heart"/Solar Plexus Center as I was acknowledging: "I Am very-well sustained by the Love of God now" while simultaneously giving myself a mini self-Reiki treatment. I declared this after sending off a Destiny Cards report that took me a few hours to compose giving my "client" an overview of their new year. Finding "The Heavens" here immediately following the "heart stretch" was the most perfect right hing for me given the increased "sensitivity" I now suddenly had.

If you can relate to any of this I recommend at least taking a "peek" at the book.


Footnotes -

[1]page 60 of "The Grail Tarot: A Templar Vision"
By John Matthews, Giovanni Caselli:


This article continues in Part 2 here:




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