A pot on a giant's head in Italy イタリアの巨人のお汁のツボ  by UtsU .....

What was the big clay pot used for? 大きな壺は何のために使われたか?

Date:   7/6/2015 11:04:12 PM ( 8 y ago)

Below was quoted from the website of " Solving the Enigma of the Earth "


See also "The True SKY(SORA) Info" ( by Takashi-san) .Many articles that translated "Solving the Enigma of the Earth" of Japanese are put on this web site.


I saw pots like this in Turkey. The giant who used the pot was very big. It is hard to imagine how big he was.

I asked about the pot again, it said, "The pot was not made for human beings and it was not made by human beings."








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