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The start of a new research theme regarding consciousness of self and other

Date:   8/1/2015 2:34:42 AM ( 6 y ago)

My original thought (and blog title) was noted as: "crossing social thresholds" however as of August 6th I acquired some additional insights on this subject.) On August 1st I did a progressive search of search-term variations concluding with the phrase: "crossing social thresholds"; that gave me a grand total of three results! The low count inspired me to research this subject!

The basic idea that I have associated with this phrase (at this time) is that who we are as self-conscious individuals changes whenever we enter the auric field of others regardless of whether we actually connect with and interact with others.[1]

The Human Design System is my first supporting external reference for this. I am reasonably certain that I will find additional supporting references among the presentations of Rudolf Steiner,[8] Dane Rudhyar,[9] Carl Jung,[10] Charles Brener,[11] the "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd[12], Don Miguel Ruiz[13] and possibly others.

I'm particularly interested in identifying fundamental contrasts within the psyche/consciousness of the individual in their relationship to the social thresholds and how these contrasts impact the individual and their behavior.[2] I see contrasts between "crossing the threshold" when in the presence of others and not crossing.[3] The contrast is essentially generally known as "sociable" vs. "anti-social".[4]

However, I do not assume that every individual has the capacity to recognize and acknowledge these contrasts within themselves. Whether or not the contrasts are recognized/acknowledged by the individual they certainly can be observed by others. My emphasis in noting this is to encourage the ability to recognize, observe, and fully acknowledge the "contrasts" within ourselves.

I extend a certain respect by non assuming others wish to communicate with me just because we have entered within each others auric field. The fact that an individual is present among others doesn't automatically mean the individual is ready, willing, and/or able to make full contact/communicate at that time and in that space. Realizing that individuals have the freedom to choose whether or not they will be sociable with another is essential for the health and well being of relationships. This relates to a fundamental axiom (known throughout the dyad community) that individuals have the freedom to choose whether or not they will communicate with others.

Notwithstanding the respect that individuals deserve as to their freedom of choice regarding their availability for social interaction each individual nevertheless does have a social capacity that is a natural part of their Human Design and yet that capacity varies with who the individual is with!

Additional related considerations: "Conversation or verbal communication aims at reality-maintenance of the subjective reality. What seems to be a useless and unnecessary communication of redundant banalities is actually a constant mutual reconfirmation of each other's internal thoughts, in that it maintains subjective reality." - Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann in "The Social Construction of Reality"[5]

I find a high degree of relevance with the quote (immediately above) to a certain inter-social dynamic that is part of my life by way of one of my relationships now. The other individual does not offer me what I consider as "useless and unnecessary communication of redundant banalities"(UUCoRBs). If this individual was not in my life I probably would care less about whether I have UUCoRB conversations in my life. However, the contrast that I experience with not having any UUCoRBs with this particular individual has dramatically awakened my social sensibilities in this regards! I now realize the importance of UUCoRBs! And yet I still maintain that individuals are free to choose or not choose to communicate with me and if they choose not to share UUCoRBs with me then I will do my best to respect that even though I now realize that I feel an impact with not having the communication! The impact has effected my behavior to where I minimize my contact with the individual as well as my close observation as to what the are doing as I figure that it doesn't matter what they are doing when there is no communication shared with me about that.

Just having typed the last line reminds me about the ARC triangle (A=affinity, R=reality, C=communication) and especially "reality"! Non-communication diminishes the shared reality. I'm acutely aware of the diminished reality with this particular individual who is not sharing UUCoRBs with me. Of course there is diminished affinity as well! Having said that I feel compassion for the individual.

August 5, 2015 -

In searching: "food addiction"consumerism I found the following in my top search result:

"According to Bruce K. Alexander, author of The Roots of Addiction in Free Market Society, 'Addiction in the modern world can be best understood as a compulsive lifestyle that people adopt as a desperate substitute when they are dislocated from the myriad intimate ties between people and groups—from the family to the spiritual community—that are essential for every person in every type of society'”[6]

I think this relates to my subject matter on "social thresholds". I suspect that the "psychology of food" people have a lot to say about the importance of the social sphere as a main reference for exploring relationship issues with food.

August 7, 2015 -

"... when people hate themselves, they hate the wrong person, because the one they hate is their ‘Not-Self’." Ra Uru Hu

August 10, 2015 -

Got some relief tonight in a Dyad session (with my long standing therapeutic dyad partner) that included the subject matter of the ninth paragraph from the top of this page. One dyad was "Tell me something that you want me to know about feeling tumult." I also reported to my partner that the night before I got clear regarding all my tumult and now am willing to fully "own it" without placing blame on anyone. I also had "reported" that the base of my tumult was a fear - the fear of being punished! That fear goes all the way back to my infancy! I have my inner work newly "cut out" for me!

August 27th -

I offer the following "state of medicine" in contrast to the above:

"... Some of the biggest blockbusters are psychoactive drugs. The theory that psychiatric conditions stem from a biochemical imbalance is used as a justification for their widespread use, even though the theory has yet to be proved. Children are particularly vulnerable targets. What parents dare say 'No' when a physician says their difficult child is sick and recommends drug treatment? We are now in the midst of an apparent epidemic of bipolar disease in children (which seems to be replacing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder as the most publicized condition in childhood), with a forty-fold increase in the diagnosis between 1994 and 2003. These children are often treated with multiple drugs off-label, many of which, whatever their other properties, are sedating, and nearly all of which have potentially serious side effects."[14]

What "chills" me is reading: "multiple drugs off-label, many of which, ... are sedating,"! "Sedating" means the brain function becomes impaired and real thinking is minimized. Could that be the actual intent for the widespread diagnosis and prescription?

Also in this article:
"... It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine."[14]

October 26th -

A New USO!:

Inspired with a new "USO" to stand for Understanding Self & Other. I'm all for this USO!

April 29th, 2016 -

I think this particulr blog post is suitable place for today's "Thought of the Day":

"Mountains and valleys have their counterparts in our inner lives. Valleys, through which rivers flow, represent fertility and therefore abundance, generosity and goodness. It is in the valleys, not on the summits, that we find meadows, gardens, fruits, flowers and cities inhabited by human beings. On high peaks we find rock, ice and arid landscapes. Do you feel lonely? Well, come down from the summit where your intellect, with its pride, its tendency to criticise, has taken you. Descend into the valley where abundance prevails, where the heart manifests, where the waters of love flow. The knowledge you have acquired on the summits thanks to your intellect must melt and form streams and rivers and fertilize the valleys. There is a time to go up and a time to go down: there is a time to rise to the mountain peak by way of your intellect and a time to descend into the valley by way of your heart."[15]


[1] August 6th, 2015 - I consistently find changes in self-consciousness appearing among my own empirical evidence. I've bee noticing an increase of intensity in these changes and at footnote [7] I indicate one reason for that.

[2] There are at least two parts here. First is the perception that the individual has to [what I call (as of August 6th)] the threshold field" that may include a potential encounter with another. The second part is how the individual's perception impacts the individual's psyche and subsequently their behavior.

[3] The "crossing/not-crossing" is one set of potential contrasts. The most fundamental contrast is the awareness of self/other. The awareness of self can also have phases, notably represented with astrological progressions. My personal example is at [7].

[4] Except when non-communication is consciously agreed upon between individuals i.e. in a "retreat" like the Enlightenment Intensive, a vipassana meditation retreat or the like or any other conscious agreement.

cited in:
"Partnerships of Hope - Building Waldorf School Communities":


[7] August 8, 2015 - I presently have my Progressed Moon in the 12th House.
"With the Progressed Moon going through the 12th House, there may be a lot of things coming to an end or being eliminated from your life. The Twelfth House is the house of endings, a time when we clear the clutter to make room for the new opportunities that will come about when the Moon progresses into our First House and brings all those changes. Whatever leaves your life now is usually necessary, and probably hasn’t been useful for you for some time. Spending a lot of time alone with your thoughts is good now, and if you’ve been thinking of starting a therapeutic regimen, this is an excellent placement for it. You may spend a lot of time in your head and heart, examining your feelings and going over old issues. Close up any unhealed wounds and finish whatever you’ve started and left behind. Your intuition can be strengthened now, as you’re more in touch with your feelings ...":

This particular lunar progression does not indicate social involvement but just the opposite (and yet I don't necessarily call it "anti-social"). If an individual has a 12th house lunar progression (or possibly a 12th house sun progression as well) then knowing this can be helpful to possibly inform others of this "highly introspective time" and to let them know to not take it personally.

Notes [8 - 12] on August 9, 2015 -
All of the above can be seen in the light of a number of perspectives (of which I'm reasonably certain are at least twelve) that have been given to humanity by a number of individuals, a few of whom I name here.

[8] Virtually all of Anthroposophy (Anthropos-Sophia) - the spiritual science that has been given to humanity by Rudolf Steiner. Special attention can be given regarding Self & Other - Social & Anti-Social Thresholds through the perspective of "Karmic Relationships".

[9] Superb astrological understanding including the transpersonal perspectives on relationships has been given by Dane Rudhyar. He says: "The individual's truly conscious and responsible life begins only as he gains a vivid and real sense of relationship to others whom he meets as an individual, that is, of his own free will. As he meets them fundamentally as equals, he begins to feel that, together with them, he will be able to work out some new phase of activity and gain new experience which he could not reach alone or in the protected field of his home environment.

The human being becomes, thus, a social entity.":

[10] Deep psychological understanding via the archetypes has been given by Carl Jung as well as Joseph Campbell.

[11] The Dyads as well as the Enlightenment Intensive has been given to humanity by way of the late, great Charles Brener.

[12] The new "language of light" via the "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd gives us a deeply profound perspective on the subject presented here. Gene Keys show how consciousness operates across a spectrum of different frequencies that includes primordial fears inherent in each of the 64 Gene Keys and that it is only by facing and embracing each of these 64 fears that individuals can release the Gift that is hidden within behind the fear!

Gene Keys is a series of 64 transmissions that is addressed to every individual who is given to human evolution. Gene Key 55 speaks of the "Great Change" and the "Mutative Process" that is about to dawn in humanity!

In Gene Key 55 Richard says: "... Melody is that aspect of music that catches the emotional breath and causes human beings to dream. 2012 marks the alignment of humanity as a single organism through the breath and the reawakened awareness of the solar plexus centre. Whatever deep dreams and longings you hold inside you will be seeded and locked in by this date, as we come into resonance with the heart of humanity through the reawakening of the Atlantean/Edenic awareness. 2012 also marks a dividing line in human evolution. If by this date you are not in resonance with the dream that is moving into form, your DNA will be locked out of the story. This is in fact a perfectly natural occurrence. Much of current human DNA must be phased out in order for a new form to be constructed. Therefore, over several generations we will see a great number of old patterns leaving our world. For some considerable time this means that we may have the appearance of two separate realities existing simultaneously — those who are still living within the old system and those who are building the new order. ...":

Nov. 30th - Continuing with "Gene Keys":
The Seven Sacred Seals

"Relationships are all based on projection. We have to learn to purify our projections so that we only see the best in others, and at the same time, we must be consistently vigilant when it
comes to our own Shadow projections. At a certain level of frequency, a beautiful disentanglement occurs in your key relationships. You are no longer pulled down into someone else’s projection field but can retain your own high frequency no matter what the circumstances. This is the beginning of the Siddhi of Empathy.":

[13] The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is an excellent place to start on the journey of self- transformation. Why suffer by taking things personally when nothing anyone does is actually, truly personal? Everything that everyone says is all about them! I extend that in my "self-talk" along with saying "everything that: _______ doesn't say, does and doesn't do is all about them. None of that is ever to be taken personally." Saying that in my "self-talk" covers everything about another and that frees me up!




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