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Energy from food is what makes humans work.

Date:   8/20/2015 4:07:06 PM ( 7 y ago)

Below are the materials used:


Everything is the same as before with the Epsom salt bags being replaced with 500grams of potato starch divided into half, shown in the 2 bags sitting on the putty filters in the picture.
Only the lower back and stomach is used for this as this energy goes directly into the stomach, so 1 or 2 sessions each of up to 2 hours each session will be enough.

Place the putty filters on the lower back and stomach, above or below the belly button - alternate each time, with the bags of potato starch and batteries placed on top. Use all the batteries you have, 20 are used here, the usual rechargeable double AA's.

Potato starch is much better to use than potato flour or whole potatoes as their bulk contains ingredients which will block the method used here from working as well. In this form the energy of the material is also more easily released.
If potato starch is unavailable try potato flour or anything similar.

When potatoes supply the main carbohydrate energy in an area it rounds the character producing a person generous, tolerant, self-reliant but lacking in confidence, inquisitive, curious, emotionally solid, ponderous, slow to change, cautious, having a desire to be rooted in the ground with good social support. They're also helpful, reserved and somewhat sanguine, amongst other things.

Too many potatoes can also round the body and make a person mentally and physically sluggish.
Carbohydrate energies fix a person's basic state, the backdrop to their life, and define that person's approach to life, their framework, foundation and their basic attitude, amongst other things.

Energy from food is what makes humans work. It is what it is, producing people as they are, and adverse effects are only introduced when this process is damaged or distorted by the action of petrochemicals, or that energy gets into people.


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