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Date:   9/11/2015 9:53:00 AM ( 6 y ago)

When it gets down to the "cash on hand" reality - I'm so glad that I at least have a priority of butter over beer! On hot summer days the appeal of a cold beer probably increases nation-wide and Lord knows it's not only been hot recently but also quite awhile since I've had a cold one! However, I know what my body really needs and I just can't deny it, not as long as I'm living in it! My body is most happy with real butter on a daily basis and I'm not talking about a "pad" or two. I'm most happy with at least two sticks of butter every day!

I use to import grass-fed raw butter from Wisconsin up until I lost my disability support. Now the priority of my financial management is on making sure I have enough butter on hand. If this were fifteen years ago I might have a conflict of interest about my priorities. However, faithfully drinking my home made kombucha on a daily basis has diminished my former carvings for alcohol, (especially beers, ales, stouts, porters and the like). I'm grateful that I don't have the intense cravings for alcohol now! I probably get "homeopathic" doses of alcohol in my kombucha! (I let it ferment for thirty days to the point where there is virtually now sweetness left.) Where I use to have a couple beers every day I'm now "lucky" if I have one a month! What a change!

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