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"... only an artificially limited grasp of the full-scope of possibilities inherent to existence can render for one the conclusion that 'things will always be this way'."

Date:   11/4/2015 10:17:41 PM ( 6 y ago)

My very good friend and new medicine man: Chris Lowthert sent me the following link that I'm just beginning to enjoy yet already nourished by. I really love it when I can very quickly recognize a Brother and especially without having met "in person"! Chris and I have yet to meet "in person" and yet we have developed a friendship that is priceless to me!

"No matter how much it may contradict many common assumptions regarding the limits of possibility, I tell you with 100% certainty that a world without war – a thriving and prosperous existence operating across our entire planet, yet within the bounds of Nature’s ability to support us – is within humanity’s grasp. ...

... the world in which we live is built out of ideas that have been given tangible form through human ingenuity and collaboration, and the integrity of societies numerous structures are therefore dependent on the quality of thinking which conceives them, and the quality of communication that enables their implementation and maintenance."[1]

Read up to: "In order to heal any given illness, you have to first make a proper diagnosis" then emailed Chris for his thoughts (from a new medicine perspective).[2]

I agree with Dr. Chris's regarding the problem with "diagnosis". (To be continued.)

November 6th -

Related to the second paragraph in my quote above.:
Rudolf Steiner’s "Christianity as Mystical Fact" is a book which gave the most illuminating key
for the student of ancient mysteries in their connection with the rise of our Christian era.[3]

[1] http://atreeoflight.blogspot.com/p/about-tree-of-light.html

[2] http://atreeoflight.blogspot.com/2015/08/restoring-law.html

[3] http://www.waldorfresearchinstitute.org/pdf/Hellas.pdf
Page 17

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