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Date:   11/9/2015 2:44:04 AM ( 6 y ago)

April 18, 2019 - From "The Daily View" -

We enter Gate 3, Line 4 at 12:56 UT (5:56 Pacific) today, April 19, 2019.

Gate 3 - Known as: "Difficulty at the Beginning - Gate of Ordering."

The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order. Individual expression that through example mutates others.

Line 4 - Charisma

Innate quality which attracts valued guidance.

Exaltation: Physic attunement that magnetizes nurturing. A psychic energy which attracts nourishment and ensures ordering.

Detriment: Mars in detriment, where the demands of ego lead to rejection. Confused energy that needs nourishment but is generally rejected.

I hope that the "nourishment" that this Blog author had offered his client today actually has been received as "nourishment" and therefore "ensures ordering" because God knows it is most certainly needed! Apparently it is dependent upon true "physic attunement."

Note to self: open the next session with a dyad: "Tell me what attracts you to the session today and whether or not you have come here under a sense of obligation."

Initial Entry:
Newest housemate and I had a meaningful conversation this afternoon (Sunday the 8th) and during that I took a few notes as the content had gotten extra "rich" at times! (I may revisit the notes later.) Had a strong impetus to check the "Human Design Weekly Neutrino Forecast for November 8th to November 14th 2015" and very glad I did now as the day's 3rd line theme for the Sun underscores a central highlight of the conversation with my housemate!:

"November 8th begins with the Sun in the 3rd line of the 1st hexagram. The Sun in the 1.3 is "The energy to sustain creative work: exalted: The profound need for self expression. The deep need for self expression. ..."[1]

Our conversation included mutual sharing of our ideals on community, communication and self-expression and our agreement of the need for conscious inclusion of these as a way of empowering individuals on the journey into greater freedom! Naturally I made mention of Cheeta[2]





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