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Meaning of the megalith in Yamazoe-village,Nara Prefecture 奈良県山添村の巨石の意味

Date:   11/28/2015 8:02:52 PM ( 8 y ago)

Below was quoted from the website of " Solving the Enigma of the Earth "

See also "The True SKY(SORA) Info" ( by Takashi-san) .Many articles that translated "Solving the Enigma of the Earth" of Japanese are put on this web site.

Monday, September 29, 2008

They say this round megalith emerged from the ground while the Home Hall in Yamazoe-village was under construction.

It is said six or seven huge round rocks also emerged from the ground but the smaller ones other than this one were blown up.

However this one was too big to blow up.

It weighs about 600 tons of 7 m diameter.

When I visited this megalith, subconsciousness of it talked to me through the channeling.

"This is my face.

As Stone god looks like jellyfish, I made the form of this megalith ellipse.

This megalith looks round depending on the viewing angle as the sun is round.

I (this round megalith) express the sun.

The other smaller round rocks which expressed the planets of the solar system were all blown up by the Ruler's Stars.

The left eye of this megalith is opened but the right one is closed.

The left eye is square because I was told to turn into this shape by Sirius.

As you know, the symbol of Sirius is square.

(Even though the form of eyes were carved by humanity, inspiration was given to humanity to curve into this shape.)

As humanity don't believe in the world of subconsciousness, the right eye is closed.

The nasty thing (Note:the religious decorations of straw ropes) was put around my face but I had the thing which expresses the tube for sucking the juice hanged on my forehead at least through the channeling.

The oblique line on the rock show the sun has vessels.

The long and short of it, it was made to show the sun is alive and has subconsciousness."

(the huge stones with oblique lines in Kinkasan,Miyagi Prefecture
















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