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Transformation is at the core of understanding that I offer individuals regarding right timing.

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Have you heard that there is a time/season for every purpose?[1] If so then it follows that our timing of our urges for immediate action can be synchronized with the optimal time in accord with the true purpose. Omraam teaches: "wait for the right time". I agree! Otherwise our action for something we want may be likened unto picking fruit before it's fully ripe.

Patience may be required (although it may be the one thing many people are a 'smidgen' short of). A deep universal reason for impatience is due to "the raw force"[2] of our natural human desires. "Desire" is the Shadow of the 30th Gene Key. This is where "Transformation" enters this picture. The need for transformation can become especially apparent whenever this raw force of our natural human desires compels us into actions that result in less than a truly harmonious impact on others. This particular need for transformation is at the core of the understanding I offer to individuals in regards to their right timing.

May 19th/20th, 2018 - Right Timing In The Human Design System -

Today the Sun is transiting this Hexagram:

Gate 8 - "Holding Together The Gate of Contribution" -
- The basic worth realized in contributing individual efforts to group goals. -

Gate 8 Line 6 "Communion. The certainty which grows out of harmony. -
Exalted: The awareness of patterns that ensures correct timing. The gift of knowing when to contribute creatively.
Detriment: Doubt, which may engender regret even in the most ideal circumstances. Uncertainty in timing and regret despite circumstances."[13]

December 6th -

Today is my Beloved sister: Linda Marie's birthday. She was the second eldest of two sisters (both of whom have crossed the threshold). The "Destiny Card" for December 6th is the Queen of Clubs - known as "The Mother of Intuition Card". One of the inclinations with this card's influence is administrative work. Linda's work as a nurse grew into administrative support. Being Queens, they are always aware of their place in the royal court and resist anyone trying to mold them in any way."[3] By and large - the rest of the description for this card pretty much fits the life experience that I was aware of with my sister and especially in regards to "issues concerning relationships"[4].

Today in "Journey with Omraam" the Omraam community sent the first of a five-part series on "Aquarius – the Age of Knowledge".

"Aquarius, which is an air sign, represents man and, hence, thought and knowledge. The age of Aquarius will be the age of knowledge …but not the intellectual knowledge that turns human beings into dried up mummies. Nowadays, people are very learned and well informed but they are not alive. Aquarius is represented as an old man pouring water from an urn: the old man is wisdom and the water flowing from his urn is the water of life. The knowledge brought by Aquarius is a knowledge that arouses, awakens and bestows life. Human beings may know everything there is to know about microbes or the stars – yes, they possess everything except the one thing that is essential: the knowledge of how to live.

The water pouring from the urn teaches human beings that everything in and around them must be cared for, nourished and watered and brought to fruition. ..."[5]

I find this to be the best presentation I have seen regarding this astrological sign!

My readings and consultations with individuals begins with a multi-faceted "astrological" view of one's natal activations. "For the individual, astrology can open vistas of self-understanding which are the coded in the universal lore of psychological fields of learning. Astrology offers a direct, short-hand notation for individual differences within the range of human experience. Problems and motivations can be quickly uncovered when combined with the field of human counseling and psychology."[6] The first "facet" I begin with is that of the "Human Design System" (that I have referred to in a number of my other blogs). There are about a dozen more "astrological" facets that I continue with as well!

The "Second (and Third) Day/s of Christmas" -

Just got a sweet Christmas greetings from my daughter in The Netherlands that included some nature.

That was followed by a message from the Omraam community.:

"...Look at nature: spring is followed by summer, then autumn and then winter, and then after winter it’s spring again. Human beings also have cycles and seasons."[7]

What cycle and season are you in now?

May 2nd, 2016 -

The right timing for wishes can especially be during the Balsamic Phase (Wishing Time) of the moon. That begins as of three days before the new moon. I just found a calendar that includes this and the other phases of the moon.[8]

The Balsamic Phase begins on Tuesday the 3rd at 7:45 PST.

The 3rd -

Theosophy has "Three Fundamental Propositions" that include "the absolute universality of th(e) law of periodicity ... which physical science has observed and recorded in all departments of nature. An alternation such as that of Day and Night, Life and Death, Sleeping and Waking, is a fact so common, so perfectly universal and without exception, that it is easy to comprehend that in it we see one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the universe."[9]

June 13th -

"...all opportunities are not equally favourable, wait also for the most suitable time to make your way."[10]

November 15, 2016 -

"The period of the waxing moon is favourable to start undertaking things, because according to the law of analogy that rules the universe, it is the time when the growth process is enhanced in the whole of nature."[11]

December 1st -

“New Year’s resolutions are one way to prepare, but even better is to set your intentions when the Sun moves into the Cardinal Earth sign on December 21. … Set some (time) aside fro reflection and mediation.” Michele Finey - Celestial Insight December Newsletter.[12]


This verse was made popular by the 60s electric folk-rock group The Byrds. Their song "Turn, Turn, Turn" was one of my early favorites since it's release in 1965.:

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