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Without air energy the brain loses the higher mental functions.

Date:   12/9/2015 3:43:44 AM ( 7 y ago)

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One of the aims of The Therapy part 4 is to fill the cerebrospinal fluid with energy restoring the energy level and robustness to the physical body which will energise and return the immune system to functioning at a high level permanently, so the placebo effect will be working all the time buy at a much higher level.

Belief in pills to make it work, or anything else, won't be needed as it's only needed when the air energy levels are low in the cerebrospinal fluid .

So what happens to the air energy? Air energy needs line of sight, plenty of fresh air and wide open spaces to reach and enter people. Artificial objects, such as buildings, cars, planes, trains etc, anything enclosing, block and deaden it. Polluted air, while it can't contaminate air energy, can also block it in the same way as buildings etc.

Living in towns with low level buildings and low air pollution isn't so bad, so long as people can get outside and access the wide open sky, but towns with high buildings and cities with skyscrapers, polluted air and people living mostly indoors, severely restrict the flow of air energy.

This reduces the level of high level mental activity down to middle level intellectual activity.

Natural objects, such as trees, simply bounce air energy around without deadening it until it reaches a person.

Most people never receive enough air energy to cross a threshold for high level functions to begin, or a person may have some air energy early in life, but it reduces to a low level without being refilled due to being shut away inside, leading to them having a less positive mental attitude, less support for the immune system and the higher level functions are lost.

Without air energy the brain loses the higher mental functions, but rather than exhaust all its air energy it will hold back a small percentage for emergencies and critical situations. This is similar to a laptop shutting down on 10% battery power leaving a person's brain effectively running on auto pilot becoming mechanical, repetitive and following habit.

The brain then uses middle level functions such as thought and the intellect as the energy for such processes are obtained from food not air and so will continue working.

Such middle level processes aren't intrinsically intelligent, creative, insightful, perceptive or lead to understanding which are the product of higher level functions. Middle level functions are for the technical expression of the higher level functions in the material world, and aren't intelligent in themselves.

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