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Identify the first Siddhi in your Human Design!

Date:   1/10/2016 8:31:14 AM ( 6 y ago)

January 10, 2016 -

From the perspective of the Gene Keys we have three major "band waves" (my term) of frequency any one of which we are tuned to at any given time. These frequencies are known as "Shadow", "Gift" and "Siddhi". The overall "game plan" here is that we face and embrace the Shadow[2] to release the Gift (that intercepts that Shadow) and through the Gift we can embody the Siddhi. If people only knew what is meant by the Siddhi I would think we would have more people choosing to face and embrace their Shadows. I have had at least one good taste of a Siddhi. I for one can say there is nothing in the world, in religion or that another individual can give me that has any comparison with the Siddhi.

Do you know that the macrocosm solar system is activated within you microcosmically? This is not a matter of belief (just like the solar system is not a matter of belief). The ancients knew "As above so below."[1]

Did you know that you have nine centers within your being where all the planetary activations occur? The revelation of "The Human Design System" tells us that the former seven centers of humanity have evolved into nine centers and that the 64 I Ching Hexagrams are Gates throughout these nine centers where the planetary activations imprinted us when we incarnated and when we were born.

Sessions that I have with client/students/associates include reference to these activations. Once an individual's nine centers are identified then we can begin to look at the twenty-six original activations represented in the Human Design BodyGraph. (Apparently the "Mutidimentional" approach indicates that we have at least thirty-nine activations.) Plus we have additional activations from the ongoing planetary transits.

The first activation to consider is that of the individual's Personality Sun. Then we can identify the Shadow-Gift-Siddhi in the corresponding Gene Key.

There is something stirring in my heart now to show people what I am calling the first Siddhi in their Human Design!

February 26, 2020 -

"The consciousness of most human beings is often no more than a manifestation of the subconscious, that is, all the imprints from the past, all their hereditary instincts and animal tendencies constantly rise to the surface and project their image onto the screen of consciousness. This is why, when disciples first set foot on the path of initiation, they must expect some surprises. They want to pray, and to be good and pure, but then other desires arise and cry out, ‘Oh no, not that! We want something else!’ And often enough the poor things give in. But if, despite everything, they continue to resist these base desires, they gradually become freer and begin to live on the level of the superconsciousness. ..."[3]

Comment: The Gene Keys Present The Three Levels of Consciousness -

The Shadow frequency referred to in the Gene Keys can be associated with the subconscious, The "Gift" is an expression of the awakened consciousness. The "Siddhi" can be associated with "the superconsciousness."


[1] "That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above, to achieve the wonders of the one thing." Therefore, "This is the foundation of astrology and alchemy: that the microcosm of mankind and the earth is a reflection of the macrocosm of God and the heavens.":

[2] May 7, 2017 -
"The Matrix" movie has a scene where Neo leaps into Agent Smith and "occupies" his form. This is one of the best illustrations I know of regarding facing and embracing the "Shadow". We acknowledge the fear and penetrate it with our conscious awareness and in doing so we release "The Gift" within us corresponding to that "Shadow". The more we realize the power of our awareness and the power we have in our ability to face the fears the more ready and willing we will be to "leap" into "The Shadow".



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