I got abducted by aliens by madisonj213456 .....

This was really scary

Date:   2/15/2016 12:37:13 PM ( 7 y ago)

On Super Bowl Sunday, I got abducted by aliens. They were purple and orange. It all started at 5am. I heard: click clatter clat splat. My mind started to wonder " who would make noise at this hour?"So i looked in the kitchen and what did I see aliens. They were HIDEOUS. They threw knives and forks at me. Then a beam of light shined through my patio. I chased and yelled " Hey you can't leave. " and it sucked me in to the UFO! I asked" What do you want on earth!" I was furious. It wanted to get human blood samples so the aliens can look and be like us so they can take over the WORLD! So when they landed to get Tyena, I switched barbie with me and got inside.They took awhile to notice but I don't wanna lie and say they figured out the truth yet but all I know is they haven't come back and I love it that way. p.s this is all true and I love sharing my experiences with you guys. Thanks for listening! k k Bye! 😘 😘 😘♥. Follow me on musiclly at maddiebaby. please send me feedback in the comments below


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