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February 15, 2020 - Like The Sun -

"... bring life, warmth and light to humans as the sun does ..."[19]


To accomplish this requires real connecting with others. Dyad communications that are focused on relating with another (i.e. the relating exercise and Janus dyads) can greatly support the connection process.

May 25, 2019 - For the Very Best Possible Start of Your Day -

"When you open your eyes in the morning, what do you think about? .........
The worries from the day before, the difficulties that await you, the problems you will have to tend to and so forth. .........
This is not a good way to start the day. Set aside your worries till later, they can wait. Start by directing your thoughts towards heaven ..."[17]


How you start your day can be like casting a stone into a pond that then produces ripples that have the potential to extend to and reach the whole circumference of that pond. The "pond" is the new day before you and "the stone" is your first thought/word as that has its own vibratory frequency that broadcasts from you through your non-physical (yet completely real) field and beyond. For those who "have no time" to be "directing (their) thoughts toward heaven" consider the possibility of doing this as you rise, as you move and begin to do whatever you first must do upon awakening - however just down shift those first movements a gear or two so as to allow for a first thought or two that can possibly bless you and your day! Eventually you may become willing to devote time to nothing else but "directing your thoughts." You may discover that the more "stones" you can toss into the "pond" the better!

November 14, 2019 - Continuing with "The Pond" -

This blog-writer noted (a day or so ago) the following potential title of an article (possibly an e-book or the like): "How to Start Your Day ~ Each and Every Day ~ in The Most Self-Empowering Ways - in 10 Minutes or Less."

April 19, 2019 - All Rise-Up From Your Tombs -

"... If only humans knew the number of tombs they have within them. These tombs are all the cells they must regenerate by learning how to nourish themselves with elements of the 0spiritual life. And so, one by one, the tombs open and numerous little souls who were seemingly dead, but who in reality were dormant, begin to rise up. ..."[16]

"These tombs" being "cells" are them subject to cellular reprogramming known by a number of names such as NCR - Neuro-Cellular reprograming and the like. The Gene Keys addresses this in-depth. As of a most recent session with a client the author also thinks of identifying the "tombs" astrologically. One are of astrological research would be in regards to retrograde planets in the natal chart.

November 14, 2109 - "Sages and spiritual Masters are not all-powerful, and they know this, which is why they deal only with those they feel are able and, above all, willing to progress. ..."[18]


This blog-writer and private consultant/mentor has been treating himself in the spirit of the above quoted "idea" for just enough days to allow for an internal reprogramming in regards to his relationships with client/students and the like. This treatment is for clients and students who are well-qualified to enter a co-creative process dedicated to the full realization of their high ideals. All of this works togehter for three new dyads:

Tell me something that you want me to know about your readiness at this time to form a co-creative relationship that is dedicated to supporting your process toward fully realizing your high ideal.

The other two dyads are similar in form.

October 8, 2018 -

'... What we call miracles or wonders – all these events appearing to go against the laws of nature – are neither supernatural, nor supra-natural, nor anti-natural. They simply obey other laws, which are just as natural and which are those of spirit. Make an effort to purify the matter of your physical and psychic bodies, and you will also feel ‘miracles’ of spirit taking place within you."[15]

The whole entire book known as "A Course In Miracles" is devoted to this. 365 lessons (= one lesson each day) plus text and the Teachers Manual come in either one or three volumes. If the prospect of this course seems daunting then my second suggestion is "The Four Agreements" By Don Miguel Ruiz. If you take that up as a "course" you can possibly work it within a 42 day time frame even if you were just to do it on the weekends. Finally (in terms of time availability in this frantic world with seemingly overwhelming demands on our time) you can arrange a private Transformation session with Chef-doctor Jemichel and have a "course" designed for you at the time-rate that works best for you.

December 9, 2017 -

"Alone, and left to themselves, human beings cannot evolve: they need stimulation from the outside world, from nature, from events, and of course from other human beings. ..."[14]

This necessary "stimulation from the outside world" includes "shocks" and the need "to suffer". Are you managing your shocks well? Do you know how "to suffer"? To obtain these abilities Omraam indicates that "we have inner work to undertake upon ourselves". Human evolution depends upon our own inner work! It is an awesome thought (if you can contemplate it)!

April 18, 2020 - Follow-up on the above post -

"... in the end, it is the non-judgmental experience of our oneness with God and His creation, rather than the mere acceptance of 'A Course in Miracles' theology as opposed to that of another spiritual system, that constitutes the aim of the Course's curriculum."[20]*

November 10, 2017 - Titled: "Divine Will - attune one’s projects to it" -

"Most people devote their days to the satisfaction of their desires and the realization of their ambitions. Do they ever question the nature of all these calculations, designs and projects? Do they ever think to turn to heavenly beings and ask, ‘O luminous spirits, are we in harmony with your plans? What is your opinion? What do you have in mind for us? Where and how must we work to accomplish your will?’ Very few ask themselves these questions. Nothing, however, is more important for a human being than to ask the beings of light in the invisible world to enable them one day to carry out the projects of heaven. Because at that very moment, their whole life changes: they are no longer guided by their whims, their weaknesses, and their blindness. ..."

I consider the above "Thought" as highly representative of the spirit of dialogue that I suggest every Individual will be better off adopting.

Dialogue is not only the "new community" (as I have previously blogged about) it is also the very foundation for life on this planet!

Also previously blogged is the axiom that "communication is life". This axiom includes communication with one's Higher Self!

It may be most obvious (from a Human Design perspective) that communication must come through one's Throat Center. The fact of this indicates that with the right use of communication (via our Throat Center) we can support our liberation from the old (seven centered) world system that was entirely dominated by the mind and which no longer applies to making our important decisions in our life. Now with our nine-centered being we can find our own inner "authority" with the dominant defined center (if any) or by allowing for a full lunar cycle of transits around all the Hexagram/Gates in a 28-day cycle.

In any case your Throat Center is most definitely connected to your spirit! The same can not be said of the mind.

October 26, 2017 -

"In all circumstances of life, what is most important is to hold onto the will and desire to continue improving oneself. There are always improvements to be made. And the idea of perfection is an inseparable part of human existence."

I was initially inspired to quote this with special regards to "the idea of perfection" which I have come to accept as "an inseparable part" of my Human Design. However, according to Human Design not everyone has a Defined Heart/Will Center enabling the Individual consistent reliable will energy. Omraam calls those who "abandon the work" "weak and lazy". That judgement came before the Human Design Revelation. The Human Design description of the Undefined Heart Center says the Individual has nothing to prove. I honestly have had difficulty in accepting this when I engage with Individuals who have Undefined Heart Centers. I believe it is my conditioning that is ready to judge these Individuals as weak willed. It has taken considerable restraint on my part to let go of the tendency to judge these Individuals.

August 12, 2016 -

The quintessential renewal of the mind that makes personal transformation as well as miracles possible requires a language of light that is literally out of this world. Fortunately there are and have been individuals who have come into the world primarily to speak this language to all who have an ear to hear. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov has been one of these individuals.

And most fortunately there is a community of kindred souls who are members of the brotherhood that Omraam Mikhael dedicated his life to shepherding. This community offers inspirational quotes from the teachings of Omraam that are sent out on a daily basis to subscribers. I am so grateful for my subscription!

Here's my quote of today's message that I offer as reference to the transformational support I offer to individuals:

"Only the consciousness of our divine predestination enables us to keep hope alive…”[1]

August 17th - the 29th Anniversary of "The Harmonic Convergence"!

Today's quote from Omraam:

"... the best kind of rest is to learn to bring order and harmony into yourself, allowing your divine nature to blossom in light and love, so that one day it becomes a power for good for the whole world."

More "harmonic convergence" to you!

October 5, 2016 -

I imagine there are a lot of people who were raised from early childhood on with some kind of reference to a spiritual paradigm that included "heaven and hell". However - before reaching the age of "reasoning" (maybe as of age 12 or so) the references to heaven and hell very likely went unchallenged or art least unexamined. We probably never asked "what does heaven really care about?".

"The Only Thing That Matters to Heaven ..."[3]

October 18th, 2016 -

Omraam explains why "Your ability to be happy at other people’s good fortune is the criterion for how evolved you are."[4]

Also: The Sun entered Gate 32 at Hexagram Line 6 at 09:37 UT.
Gate 32 is called "Duration - The Gate of Continuity - The only thing which endures is change."
Line 6 in Exaltation: "An underlying acceptance of change that may or may not lead to tranquillity. The instinctive awareness to accept change and transformation."[5]

November 2, 2016 -

Transformations with Omraam and with A Course In Miracles (ACIM)! -

Got inspired in an instant with the thought: "Pray-read A Course in Miracles". So I did and right at the start of Chapter 1 is a reference to prayer: "Prayer is the medium of miracles ... Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed." I am so grateful to have heard the thought and to have responded!

Following my first ACIM pray-reading session I received further validation in reading today's "Thought" of Omraam's teaching that included: "To acquire light, peace, love and strength, make a few gestures, take a few deep breaths or say a formula or a prayer and you will gradually feel yourself entering the rhythm of cosmic harmony".[6]

Nov. 17th, 2016 -

"True change will only happen when human beings start to become more honest, and noble, more in control of themselves and models for others."[7]

November 22nd, 2016 -

Omraam's "Thought":
"...since fire has complete power over water, it is possible to reduce psychic tumours formed by the accumulation of our negative states by making matter in us – water – change into vapour through fire – the spirit."[8]

There are both scriptural references in support of this statement[9] as well as personal testimonials. This evening I allowed myself to face a personal upset in a dyad session (with one of my dyad partners) and in my sitting afterword I invoked my "fire"/light which definitely reduced the "psychic tumour"! My readiness to respond in this way is directly related to an earlier invocation along with Patricia Cota-Robles during a recorded interview (that I have noted separately).

Dec. 7, 2016 -

Underscoring how "renewing your mind" is how you become transformed. -

"...nothing can be more pernicious than letting yourself be ruled by habit – it deadens you. Actually, the only habit to adopt is that of not becoming accustomed to anything, and of always looking at ideas, beings or objects in a new way, with a fresh eye."[10]

June 3, 2017 -

"Someone who strives to act with their soul and spirit, inwardly transforms their difficulties, their suffering. Even if they can do nothing about external events, where others get discouraged and collapse, they find strength, nourishment and the energy to move forward."[11]

Finding spiritual strength, nourishment and energy will also be supported with the right nutritional nourishment.






[5] "The Definitive Book of Human Design" Lynda Bunnell




[9] One verse is "...our God is a consuming fire": Hebrews 12:29











[20] "A Course in Miracles and Christianity: A Dialogue", by Kenneth Wapnick (Author), W. Norris Clarke (Author) as presented at Amazon.


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