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** Most people are hung up on their own selfish images! ***

Date:   10/31/2016 9:42:50 PM ( 4 y ago)

Many do not realize how this all fits together in the grand plan of Almighty God!

What is the problem?

This earthly existence is not a perfect place, by any means - because if it were, then why would people ever look forward to Heaven in the Eternity that follows?

This life is just part of our journey toward an unlimited future ready or not!
What we do here is just part of our eternal journey! We are here to seek and learn the correct pathway.

Many do not realize how this all fits together in the grand plan of Almighty God!
Much of our time is spent attempting to keep out of the trouble that are generally based upon our own poor decisions. So many waste much of their time agonizing on the how and why,of happenings?

Failures tend to keep people engaged so much that their freedom appears hampered!
It comes down to who do you trust! God, or humans or (mankind)?
There is only one absolutely correct answer folks!

Problems have been blamed on everything from others to natural devastation's in history - usually always to divert the reason for such actives to someone else!
Yet the most damaging activity has been the result of self infliction! -
i.e. like shooting yourselves in the foot!

People who are placed upon our (your) pathway of life - just stop and recognize them then see the way things are supposed to work in your existence!

We will explore more on the how and why - to help you see that there are better ways to win!


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