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The importance of client feedback

Date:   11/26/2016 4:18:07 AM ( 6 y ago)

July 19, 2022 -

Five questions from Michael J. Straczynski, creator of Babylon Five and Crusade:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?
3. Where are you going?
4. Who do you serve?
5. Who do you trust?

In the form of dyads some already familiar:

1. Tell me Who you are.
2. Tell me What you want.
3. Tell me Where you want to go.
4. Tell me Who you serve.
5. Tell me Who you trust.

November 26, 2016 -

I recently received the following feedback on the combination of a Reiki session followed by communication dyads.

"Thank you for holding space for healing touch for me and our Dynamic dialogs."

The first live feedback right after the Reiki was "I feel more grounded and centered in my body; less in my head."

I'd like to combine these two forms from now on.

August 4, 2017 -

Another session with the same client with whom I shared a full Dyad round after a full Reiki session. The Dyad inspired me to identify a new dyad. Before I state the new dyad I have the following preface.

Several of my most appreciated "teachers" of what I regard as therapeutic communication processes all underscore the vital importance of connecting with others as the basis for a successful communication process (whether it is a simple "dyad" communication or a more advanced "clearing facilitation"). NVC also mentions this important need however I have yet to see the idea made practical and therefore adoptable by the practitioners of NVC. In any case I am both aware of the necessity to connect with others for the purpose of virtually any real communication and am sensitive as to when the connection is not present. Now I have formed the following Dyad specifically for addressing this condition:

"Tell me something that you want me to know regarding your resistance to fully connecting with ______ (fill in the blank which could be any individual including the listener in the dyad.)"

I think there is a lot that can be "worked with" under the subject line of resistance. From a Human Design perspective (according to the founder) resistance is an indication that we are not living as our authentic self. If this is true then anyone who wishes to be, to live and relate with others better and/or as their authentic self will probably benefit from being aware of when they are in resistance to another Individual. With that awareness then it follows that the Individual share the above dyad stated as: "Tell me something that you want me to know regarding your resistance to fully connecting with me".

I admit that this is not your everyday dyad and probably not the very first dyad you'll want to share with the other Individual. If you agree then you may want to start with the three part "Relating Exercise":
"Tell me something that you think we agree on."
"Tell me something that you want me to know."
"Tell me something that you like about me."

I wish to encourage you to share relating exercises with your partners, family and friends. Make and deepen the connection. Then include other dyads that allow for more "radical" honesty.
The truth of which may set you and the other Individual "free"!

February 27, 2018 - Understanding the Psyche -

“…in the last century, the first pioneers in psychology discovered that when people air their feelings, they are able to deal more effectively with their personal challenges. Thus was born the psychiatrist couch. …

Person Centered Counseling was developed by Carl Rogers, who found that by creating a caring atmosphere where he sat facing his clients while looking into their eyes, they would feel safe to venture into a deep inner inquiry. ,,, Finally, the client would unravel and solve their own problems, miraculously emerging confident and self-assured.

Another powerful step in understanding the psyche came through the collaboration of Wolfgang Kohler, a German psychologist and his colleagues, Max Wertheimer and Kurt Koffka, who together founded Gestalt. …” [2]

My work in Dyad communications (including Relating Exercises) embodies these steps "in understanding the psyche" that I taylor to each Individual according to their Human Design.

Related: "Transformational Communication for Self and Other" - How dialogue relates to transformation.[1]



[2] Paragraphs three and four of Chapter Six: “Unlocking the Secret Code”, in “Earth 2012-33 The Ultimate Quest” - by Auroa Juliana Ariel, PhD.


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